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June 2022 Lady of the Month: Tatyana

Tatyana from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: "I am looking for a relationship where husband and wife can help and support each other, share the joys and frustrations of life, make each other happy, and where love can grow. I hope to share my life with a woman who has the same dreams as me. Most importantly, I'm looking for that special person that I can connect with on an emotional level and who will become my husband and best friend."

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How our musical tastes affect relationships

What genres seem to men and women the most attractive and in what cases this can cause a gap. American ticketing service TickPick conducted a study and found out how our musical tastes affect romantic relationships. It turned out that in the most direct way. For example, when two people have completely different musical preferences,…
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Monogamy is back in fashion

After decades era of divorce, monogamy is now back in trend. True, this time without devalued stereotypes like family values ​​and eternal love, but under the auspices of partnership. Monogamy in the 21st century is, first of all, profitable, and only then, everything else. Man is a partner to man. This is how a well-known…
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How to meet a girl on VeronikaLove?

Welcome to VeronikaLove! - online service for dating and chatting with the most beautiful women from all over the world. Start today and take a step forward towards your destiny! Discover love, romance, dating, friendship and more in the dating world. It would seem that getting to know through specialized sites or services is as…
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