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March 2023 Lady of the Month: Julia

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Julia from Kyiv, Ukraine: "I dream to find a real man, with whom I can start serious relationship and create happy family in a future. He should be positive, kind and always honest to me. I do not really care about his nationality or age. I know that I will feel when I meet a man right for me. Speaking about myself, I can easily say I am very open minded and direct person. I am friendly and positive. My profession is helping people and I really treasure this opportunity. I like communication with interesting people, I love to share my thoughts and emotions. I am very family-oriented person. I come from a big family and I dream to create my own big and happy family in a future."

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A Powerful Way to Improve Our Relationships.

Most of the time when I write about couples, I focus on steps individuals can take to feel closer to their partner and more satisfied in the relationship. Because a person can only fully control themselves, I try to illustrate ideas that any one person can enact, which would hopefully lead their partner to respond…
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6 Reasons You Might Lose Your Girlfriend’s Respect

There are a lot of complaints on the Internet from men who believe that their girls have lost attraction to them. A much more important topic is raised much less often - the loss of respect. If it is not there, there will be no attraction, no passion, or anything else. As soon as respect…
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7 Signs You’ve Found Your Perfect Match

Check how you and your partner fit each other. 1. When you're together, you don't think about others Take a little test: pay attention to how you behave with a partner in a bar or restaurant. Do you look around to see who else is nearby? Wondering who might see you together? Or are you…
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