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Easter traditions: how to celebrate the holiday with your loved one

Easter, one of the most important Christian holidays, celebrated in many countries around the world, has deep historical roots, and also provides unique opportunities to decorate your holiday with romance and magic. Let's dive into the history of this ancient holiday and discuss how you can make its celebration especially romantic. The history of Easter…
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Lady of the Week: Marina

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Marina from Uman, Ukraine:  "When I look into the mirror my lips look very kissable. I`m blinking with my fluffy eyelashes romantically... Long, curly hair looks sexy... I wonder if you liked to pet it. My full-size mirror tells me much more... Dare to know what my mirror knows?) When I am on public I am easy going, never stop mowing into my bright future. I am ambitious (in the best meaning of this word), well brought up, sophistic ated and never bored with. Creative, not shy, but and the same time so modest and easily blushing."

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Long and happily: rules that will help preserve love for years

Maintaining a relationship for a long time is not as difficult as it sometimes seems. Psychologist and author of several books Rita Watson believes that only three important rules will help maintain respect and love in a couple. It is enough not to forget about them neither in times of complete mutual understanding nor in…
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