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Romantic sweetness from Alina

Alina from Kharkov: "All I want to find here - is a normal man, who would like to start communication with me, and just, learn what kind of person I am. I love strong people, that are mentally strong, that are aware what do they want in their life, what do they want from their partner, from their friends and relatives. Really can't speak with people, who are always lost in their life.I want to find a partner with who I can move through this life."

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Don’t Do This on the First Date

When you come to see your lady in Ukraine, you will surely be very excited and worried about this fact! After long communicating on VeronikaLove you think that you know your lady very well, and this is really so, as only long written communication can give you the understanding of what kind of person you…
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Listen to Each Other

Relations mean work. Of course, they are not like the work you visit every day to earn money, but the efforts you put to build your mutual happiness. It is quite difficult for two different people to come together and live pleasant life and strong love. When your feeling wake for the first time, they…
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Elegance and romance from Elena

Elena: "I am a serious woman for marriage and I am here, on this love dating site because I want to meet my second half. I already can imagine my future life and I am sure we can happy with my man. To build really good relationship and family about we dream and build our own world with happiness and real feelings."

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