Control in Relationships.

Man always wants to control everything, this is his nature. The more we control everything, the calmer we feel. But it is impossible to control everything, and moreover, it is not necessary. Especially do not need to control other people, including those we love. It is necessary to get rid of this habit, but not…
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Perfect Bride Wants to Share Summer Mood

Karolina from Kiev, Ukraine : "As I said, my parents are 44 years together and they are a great example for me, so I believe in a big and bright feeling for many years.
I think love is wonderful and that's why I'm here to meet a man.
It is important for me that we take care and protect each other, so that there is a body between us in everything, from touch to words.
I want family and comfort ,and you ?"

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How to stop being jealous (part 2)

Continuing the theme of jealousy, I would like to add that if there are a lot of reasons why people are jealous of each other. Online relationships are a game of trust. So how to keep love if jealousy eats away? Veronikalove experts will tell you how to do this. Self-doubt. If you are not…
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Traditions of celebrating Christmas in Slavic countries

Veronikalove wishes all Slavic girls a Merry Christmas. We wish you peace and of course love. In Russia and other Slavic countries, the tradition has been preserved to prepare special ritual dishes for Christmas that play symbolic roles. Kutia, cooked from bread grains, personified the continuity of life, was the guarantee of family well-being (there…
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