What are the benefits of long distance relationships?

Veronikalove is not just a website, this is a place where people meet each other and fall in love. It happens every day. Yes! People can create relations online, of course, they should think about further meeting but still it is possible. We are ready to tell you some benefits of long-distance relationships. 1. The myth…
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The Best Fall With The Best Alla

Alla from Cherkassy, Ukraine: "I am intelligent. I am a good listener. I enjoy cooking. I believe in magic. I am not ashamed of my past. Furthermore, I have been in love more than once. I have had my heart broken. I am sincere and the most important is that I AM READY FOR NEW ADVENTURES And for the beginning of a new life!"

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18th of October – World Candies’ Day

Sweets are something for both adults and children. They are pleasant to drink with tea, and to eat them just like that. It is also always nice to give a candy to a friend or a small child. Among adults, there are a huge number of those with a sweet tooth. There are more and…
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Do You Like Her Dress?

Maria from Kharkiv, Ukraine: "Along with myself, I see a man who will support and go with me to one goal. My man must be reliable, understanding, and sincere. A man should be both passionate and restrained. Our relationships should be built on loyalty and sincerity. The desire to be one step closer to one another must be shared. My one and no repeat will try to make me feel like a little girl next to him. I love romance. Every look should be as desirable first and not repeated. It is probably difficult to describe my character, but I'll try to do it. I can say that I am a kind, warm and cheerful girl. I love laughter and smiles. I always appreciate those people that have a good sense of humor. Next to such people, I always. I am an ordinary girl who likes to have meetings with friends. Also, go to a pizzeria or café. I also enjoy walking in the evening city."

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