Spend More Time Together

With the spring in the air, more and more people start feeling lonely. Mother Nature forces us to look for another half and become happy! One can see lots of people around holding hands, especially when the weather becomes warmer and after the long winter, everyone wants to go out and have some pleasant time…
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Can you believe she is real?

Yana from Kiev: "I am a good psychologist so that I can read people’ opinion about myself from their reactions. If they treat me well and are looking for my presence so that means they need me and it gives me the motivation to help them and to be that part of their life that is really worthy of their time. I am a good listener and find it very wise to listen to what people talk. I am not rusher in my decisions but rather more moderate in my actions especially towards other people. "

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Great Variants for the First Date

The first date is the base that will be the start point for all your future relations. We are used to the dates in the movies (which are actually not the best due to the impossibility to communicate) and to go out to have dinner together. But there are many other variants that are more…
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Best Topics for the First Conversation

Communication on VeronikaLove site is very convenient. You may start it with anyone you like, and take as much time as you need to write a letter and send it when you are ready. There are no reasons to feel worried that you may say something wrong, as you can always think twice and choose…
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