How to Impress a Lady

There are various ways to impress a lady, and VeronikaLove wants to give you the most useful tips! In order for her to have a favorable impression of you, it is not at all necessary to commit extraordinary acts. It is enough for you to show a little attention, and then her sympathies will be…
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March 2020 Lady of the Month: Tamara

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Tamara from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: "I don't have high expectations and requests. People can't be ideal, and it's wonderful! Because an individual bouquet of advantages, disadvantages, interests, peculiar properties makes every person unique! To love means to accept a person with everything he/she has not trying to change anything. If I am respected, appreciated and understood – it's a great necessary compliment to love. All other things – are just nuances. I am an active lady! You'll understand completely what it means only after spending some time with me. I have a lot of energy! I am in good shape. I do love life. I am optimistic and solve all problems smiling. I am always sincere. I don't see any sense in playing with the feelings of other people. Actually, I even don't have time for it. I am looking for my happiness and believe that I'll find it soon!"

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30th of March – National Doctor’s Day

National Doctor's Day in the United States is celebrated annually on March 30, starting in 1991. The resolution on its establishment was signed on October 30, 1990, by US President George W. Bush, and was officially approved by Congress and the Senate. But, in fact, Doctor's Day began to be celebrated long before official America…
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Signs that You Fell in Love

1. The object of sympathy is always in sight Whatever you are doing on VeronikaLove, you always see her profile. It is very special for you, and your heart starts beating faster when you see her again and again. 2. Her constant flaw You miss her when she's not around. And when near, you already…
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