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Ilona from Kyiv, Ukraine: "Speaking about my interests I need to say that I cannot imagine my life without sport. It brings me a lot of positive emotions! I work as a trainer and I like my work very much. I like the outdoors, meetings with friends, music, reading, dancing, and cooking. I am interested in art and design. I am looking for a serious relationship here. I believe that friendship is a good base for a relationship. I miss a positive, kind, romantic, faithful, honest and caring man next to me. It is very important for me to have a similar outlook with my loving man and to share the same values."

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21th of June – International Yoga Day

The International Yoga Day, established by UN General Assembly Resolution 69/131 in 2014, is celebrated worldwide on June 21 in order to raise the world's awareness of the benefits of yoga and adapt it in a way of life. The holiday was first celebrated in June 2015, and the initiative of the institution and the…
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18th of June – Sustainable Gastronomy Day

This holiday is quite new. It was first held in 2017, and it was established by the UN. This decision was dictated by the fact that gastronomy is an important element of the cultural self-expression of any nation, associated with the natural and cultural diversity of the world. And also by the fact that all…
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Dating with an Older Man

Being on VeronikaLove site, you might have noticed that ladies are sincerely interested in older men. And this has many reasons. Here is the list of them that ladies have revealed to VeronikaLove site! Maturity does not appear in all. Yes, he is older than you, say, 12 years old, but you should not expect…
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