5 Tips to Help to Improve Your Online Dating

Do you think your profile on a dating site is perfect, but the opposite sex is still not paying attention to you? It seems that you need to change something, and maybe add a new one... Let's deal with it? Here are five things to keep in mind when it comes to successful online dating.…
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Are you ready to be her husband?

Svetlana from Vinnitsa, Ukraine: "I do a lot of charity because I like to help people and I love when people around me smiled. Also, I am interested in art, music helps me to forget me about my problems.....I always try to learn new things. I am a hard-working, goal-oriented, easy-going and communicative person. I like reading a lot, because every time you learn something new, you become something new. I love children and their happy faces when they learn something new. But I also like writing poems and I have my lifetime dream, it`s to publish the book of my own poems. I like rain, especially after a hot day."

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18th of May – International Museum Day

Every year on May 18, museum workers from all over the world celebrate their professional holiday - the International Museum Day. And, of course, those of us who are looking forward to the next visit to the local history museum of the city or to meet with rare exhibits of the Hermitage or the Louvre…
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Truth About Relations

"There is nothing more permanent than temporary," says an Eastern proverb. Maybe sometime from such a "temporary", the most permanent will happen. Women are looking for long-term, reliable relationships in which they could have a baby, get psychological safety and relax. A woman wants to find a man who would belong exclusively to her -…
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