Don’t Make These Mistakes in Quarrels

Relations are hard sometimes. It is said that there are even milestones in relations after which they may break. Like, 3 months, half a year, year and 3 years. Yet as there are still marriages that may last to half a century, true love and deal with everything! The main problem due to which the…
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14th of February – Valentine’s Day

VeronikaLove is happy to congratulate all those who are looking for their love with the holiday of everyone who is connected with this wonderful and sweet feeling – love! On the 14th of February, the whole world shouts out about their feelings and unites in the celebration of the Day of all lovers – St.…
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Sport Brings People Together

In cold times, when winter almost comes to its rights, people tend to leave their homes less and become even lazier. This leads to a less active lifestyle, and as a result, may start gaining weight. We may laugh that we are like bears that are ready to sleep all winter long, but still, we…
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Inna’s Impressive Photosession

Inna from Zaporozhye: "I am a woman who sadly knows what family violence may be. For me to love means to care for other people, help them and make them happy. I enjoy spending time with my daughter. I like going to the gym, meeting with friends and cooking. Cycling and skiing are among activities to which I like devoting my free time as well."

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