22nd of September – World Carfree Day

World Carfree Day, celebrated annually on September 22 in many countries, is held to promote the idea of walking, cycling, and using public transport. The main motto of the Day: "City as a space for people, a space for life." Too many cars are not only a problem in big cities. This problem has been…
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Enjoy Your Life With Bright Lady Katerina

Katerina form Odessa, Ukraine: "Emotionality and vulnerability, I do not consider a disadvantage. All good things, as well as sometimes troubles, I take to heart and pass through myself and very acutely perceive injustice. This is probably why, in addition to creativity, I devote a lot of time to helping homeless animals. I cannot remain indifferent even to the pain of unfamiliar people. Not knowing the bitterness of failure, not feeling the sweetness of takeoff! This is how I am in everything in my work and personal life. Yes, gray is not my color."

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17th of Septrember – Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is celebrated in the United States annually on September 17, starting in 2001, by the decision of President George W. Bush. And the period from September 17 to 23 has been defined since 1955 as Constitution Week. Many US citizens - both those born in the United States and those…
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What Women Don’t Like in Men

A successful relationship on VeronikaLove means that you both understand and accept each other. But there are some things that many women don't like in men, and thus your relations might not work. Women don't like talkativeness in men. A chatty man is good as a girlfriend, not as a reliable life partner. You can…
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