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19th of September — the Birthday of a Smiley

Internet communication has almost replaced the real one due to its convenience and speed. We can reach anyone and any moment no matter what, we just need a computer or a smartphone for this. Especially this is useful in the case of long-distance relations, like the one with Slavic ladies. VeronikaLove always supports true feelings…
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1st of September — World Letter Writing Day

Communication is vitally important for conducting any types of affairs. For many centuries people were writing letters to each other in case if they needed to trade or when they had the necessity to talk to someone who is at the very big distance. VeronikaLove site is closely connected with this holiday as it also…
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19th of August – World Photography Day

People create millions of photos every day. It is even hard to believe nowadays that there used to be times when we couldn't have imprinted some significant and beautiful moments. Photography is also called a real art and there are lots of people competing in creation of the most astonishing and significant photos that would…
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