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31st of May – International Blonde Day

The brightest, most noticeable and most light-headed part of humanity has finally found its own long-awaited and deserved a holiday. The bright date of May 31 is declared the World Day of Blondes. According to the official version of the origin of the holiday, it was initiated by American blonde attorneys who were not perceived…
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May 2019 Lady of the Month: Anastasiya

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Anastasiya from Lviv: "I want a man who knows how to make woman happy, ready to love and care. Here a lot of men want only to receive love, but I think that relationship should be an exchange of love, care, and happiness. And also I want him to be my friend. I am interested in people in general and in people with whom I can discuss everything and simply have a good time! It would be wrong to say that that it is all because I am a very versatile person and I am here because I really want to find my love. Could you help me with it?"

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How to Avoid Quarrels with Your Lady

1. Ladies are very emotional As you know, nature has endowed girls with its beauty and attractiveness, but also at that very moment with strong emotional feelings and emotions. Girls are very susceptible to a variety of problems and try to do everything for the show, not hiding their negative and emotional excitement. But in…
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Dream With Passionate Blonde Anastasia

Anastasia from Kiev: "It`s hard for me to describe myself, my friends say that I`m cheerful, kind, I always come to the rescue if it`s necessary. I love animals, children. I have many plans for my future life. I want to be a successful woman, a beloved wife, and a happy mother. I am ready to do everything that depends on me to achieve this aim."

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