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What to do if a girl stops responding to your messages

Sometimes guys have gone through this unpleasant experience when a girl they like suddenly stops responding to messages while texting on VeronikaLove. You can wait and wait for hours, or even days, only to receive any notifications except the ones you were hoping for. This makes you feel disappointed and abandoned, and also doubt your…
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🔥Anna Posing Just For You🎁

Anna from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine: "Hello honey, I am looking for you, I do not know you, I do not see you, but when you will talk to me, my heart will feel your inner world by each word and letter you sent me. Please, only one and very easy favor, be honest with me even when you in a trouble. I will help you!"

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Things to Know Before Dating an Independent Woman

Independent women are tenacious, confident, and know their worth. They may have a hard time being vulnerable in a relationship and falling in love with you because of their approach to life and values. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love and happiness. If you like an independent girl, you can take a chance and…
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How to know your girlfriend makes you better and helps you grow

True love isn't about grand gestures and dramatic statements. It's about doing things that make the other person feel happy and help them become better. And there are a few signs that your girlfriend is a catalyst for your positive changes. She Motivates You to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Your relationship can be…
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