Monthly Archives: October 2017

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is the holiday anticipated willingly by people of all ages! Usually, it was loved more by children due to the tradition of their dressing into scary costumes to gather gifts and sweets from adults in their neighborhood. But now even grown-ups can’t sit still and miss the opportunity to participate in celebrations. They decorate…
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Autumn Entertainment

Autumn is the great time for having fun. There are so many holidays these days, that you probably don’t have enough time to have a rest from them! Children go to school, and here already approaches Halloween. As soon as you are done with decorating your house for it and dealing with pumpkin carving –…
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October 2017 Lady of the Month: Nataliya

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Nataliya from Odessa: "In my spare time I like to draw, so I can relax. As I like to travel, to learn everything new. I'm fond of photos, you can see it in the profile. I study practical psychology My friends would say that I am communicative, kind, sincere, fun, generous, very romantic, loving and positive person that always wants to get more and more out of life."

You can get in touch with Nataliya here!

Let Your Relations Be Happy

The typical mistake among lots of people is the considerations of relations to be something trivial and obvious. They accept it not as a gift but as an item that they can always have and keep no matter what. But the real situation is that relations require lots of work, and it should come from…
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