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April 2023 Lady of the Month: Olga

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Olga from Rigas Rajons, Latvia: "Let the hands that hug you be the strongest ... Lips that kiss you - the sweetest ... and the heart that loves you - the most worthy. I will give all that I have for a serious man with a kindness heart full of love..."

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Love or Calculation?

The eternal dilemma: how can a broken trough not stay because of romantic love? How to calculate everything well and then not die of boredom? In a word, what should be guided by the heart or the mind to build a serious relationship? Give free rein to your heart... On the one hand, you want…
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5 Signs That You Don’t Know How to Love

It is possible that your relationship is not going well at all through no fault of your partner. People strive for love all the time, but at the same time they perceive it as a gift. Such an approach does not help to build quality relationships, but only places a person in a closed circle…
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8 Ways to Determine a Woman’s Character

How often do we regret that we didn't immediately see the demons in the beauty with whom we started a relationship. But you are already a mature man, so it's time to tie it up. At first, a friend seems ideal, because she carefully hides her dark side, and she constantly throws tons of happiness…
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