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28th of April – Orthodox Easter

Easter is a special holiday, calculated for each year. The whole week preceding this day is called Great, or Holy Week. Earlier, long before the birth of Christ, in the worldview of the ancient peoples, the egg symbolized the universe. Plutarch exalted the egg, considering it the creator of all nature. However, in Christianity, the…
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April 2019 Lady of the Month: Ilona

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Ilona from Kiev: "I am looking for a relationship. I want to meet real love. Do you want to be with me? Among the men, I noted independent, confident, charismatic. I would like to find an equal partner. Intelligent to respect the woman side by side, with a sense of humor and self-irony, spontaneous and sensual. I am not sure that my characteristics will bring me to my chosen one, but some sort of reference points must be determined."

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Let Your Partner Feel Appreciated

People who are in relations want to feel happy. But sometimes they forget that they need not only to receive this happiness but also to give it. Your partner is not an object, they have feelings and emotions, and what is more important your partner wants to feel appreciated. There are lots of simple ways…
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Things that Make Your Relations Deeper

Relations need constant work, and sometimes you don’t even know how to make them feel fresher. But there are lots of ways to do them, and they are quite simple, and not all of them need so many efforts, as these are the moments that you can make every day and every moment, just to…
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