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October 2022 Lady of the Month: Irina

Irina from Kyiv, Ukraine: "I'm a very loving woman, with so much love to give when I meet a special man. I'm not in a hurry to get married, I think that true marriage is the one where a man and a woman get married because they want to have a sweet life together, and not because they want to have a fast expensive wedding. I'm kind, amiable and I have a good sense of humor. I would like us to laugh every day because laughs and kisses make us feel alive."

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5 Halloween Romance Ideas

The most terrible day of the year is approaching - the holiday of evil spirits - Halloween, which is celebrated on October 31st. But who said that this terrible holiday cannot be romantic? We will prove that even in witches, cobwebs and scary pumpkin heads, you can find a piece of romance to share this…
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5 things from your personal life that you should never discuss with friends

Relationships are rarely simple and completely understandable, even in cases where both partners are willing to work on themselves. Sometimes you may feel the need to discuss with someone what is happening in your personal life: share your concerns, express emotions, talk about injustices, and so on. Of course, friends become your listeners - to…
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6 reasons why girls tend to pick bad guys

Kindness has always been valued in society. After all, if a person has such a quality, then this guarantees that he will always be indulgent, never leave in difficult times and provide support if trouble happens. It would seem that there are only pluses. Then why, when building a relationship, kindness can be the most…
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