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7 Phrases that men and women understand differently

Each of us has found ourselves in a situation where an important conversation or just chatting at dinner became the causes of a grandiose quarrel with a loved one. Often this happens because men and women understand certain phrases of each other differently. Elena Khil, a psychologist, trainer, and expert in the psychology of communication…
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What is more important in a pair: mutual understanding or Interest?

What is more important for building long-term relationships in a couple - good mutual understanding, or interest in each other? What to do if you understand each other perfectly for a long time, but the person himself is no longer interesting to you? And together it’s bad, and it’s a pity to part ... One…
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7 Signs you’re asking too much of your partner

If a loved one does something wrong all the time, perhaps the problem is not in him at all. It is clear that one person is not able to satisfy all our needs. We easily agree that friends may have different interests from ours, devote a limited amount of time to us and not be…
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Lady of the Week: Yana

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Yana from Kyiv, Ukraine: "Do you really want to get to know me? Then prepare for this 🙂 You'll always have fun with me because I like to spend time outdoors just as much as I like being indoors. I think it doesn't matter where you are. We have a saying here, it's not the places that grace the men, but men the places. I believe it's true. I like cooking and I adore trying new recipes from different cuisines. I like to set the table for guests and I hope to treat my man with tasty home-made dishes one day. Oh, I love making desserts! If you have a sweet tooth then you'll fall in love with me 🙂 I like traveling very much and I think that every place has something special. But it gets even more beautiful when you visit it with a special person. In general I just like everything that makes me happy and leaves pleasant memories."

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