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Do you like to spend time walking?

Ella from Kryvyi Rih: "Perhaps you see on the photos the silhouette of a tender fragile woman, but be sure that when you will get a chance to know me closer, you will find an incredible source of passion and sensuality! I am a warm-hearted and optimistic woman, I try to believe in the positive and go through life with a smile. because Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. Of course, I have difficult days sometimes, like all people. But I am a mature person and I know that the most important thing is to have good health and faith in the best. And all the problems go away. I decided to search for love online because I witnessed an example of a happy couple who found each other online. Besides, I believe in destiny. Sometimes it is so romantic to send letters and get to know a person better and better, and then have the long-awaited meeting!"

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How to Make Compliments to Ladies

In dating on VeronikaLove site communication is the most important part. And compliments are your weapon to the heart of your beloved Slavic lady! Even the most impregnable and skeptical lady will not resist the sincere admiration of her person. Especially considering the well-known fact that girls love with ears. But you need to present…
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Stay with her to relax…

Katerina from Nikolaev: "I would like giving a smile to my beloved every day and make him happy. It seems this is more important to say that I would like to be happy and that is why I am here. There is no place for boredom in this life. I am waiting for you here to collect funny stories of our lives and put them in one long happy story."

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9th of May – Victory Day

May 9 - Victory Day is one of the most important, touching and glorious holidays in Slavic countries. The Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War was and remains one of the most revered holidays both in Russia and in the CIS countries. According to the glorious tradition of recent years, St. George ribbons are…
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