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Places to Visit in Kherson

Kherson is quite a small town but nevertheless, it is a very romantic place which you will surely love at the first glance. It is located not far from the Black Sea, so in summer many people tend to spend a great time on the beaches with their families and friends. Of course, Kherson will…
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Nikolaev – the City of Brides

Nikolaev is a wonderful city with a rich history. It is located at the banks of two rivers what makes it truly unique. No matter where you go in this city, there is a big chance that you will manage to see one of these rivers. The city also has 2 big bridges that unite it with the “outer” world, as it is located on the peninsula. So, if you don’t want where to go, you can simply walk around the city and enjoy its architecture. For walking, you need to go to the “Dry Fountain” district. It has such name as initially there were lots of fountains powered by the underwater sources. However, the city did everything possible to restore them, and now, in summer, you can enjoy the fountains presenting cold freeze under green trees. This is really one of the best places to walk around with your lady. There are lots of old buildings there ( as this is one of the oldest districts of Nikolaev), and you can admire the sunset over the river. You should definitely go see the main street of the city, Sobornaya. You will probably live somewhere nearby, as there are many hotels there. But also this is the main place where all locals love to spend their free time and to walk around. It leads you from the center of the city to the river, of course, and the beautiful big park, and while you go, you can see many attractions, different street artists entertaining you with music, and go to have a lunch in a variety of cafes and restaurants. Nikolaev is not only the place to walk and to look at the beautiful ladies! It is a really cultural place with many attractions. There are two big theatres there, one of which can be found at the end of Sobornaya Street. You can visit it with your breathtaking Slavic lady from VeronikaLove, as he plays there are held almost all year round, and there is always something worthy to see. Your lady will surely be glad to take part in a cultural entertainment, as she will be able to put on her best dress and make everyone envy for you having by her side! By the way, for this occasion, you can help her with VeronikaLove gifts, and sent her a dress, the one you want to see her in! People should have fun different ways. Theatres are great, but nightclubs are also enjoyed by young Slavic single ladies. Most popular ones in Nikolaev are Caprica and Storm. They are open every night, and if you wish to dance till dawn and grab some drinks with your significant other – these are surely the places you need!
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Places to Visit in Lviv

Lviv is considered to be a real cultural capital city of Ukraine. Everyone who has ever been there can hardly believe that this is the Ukrainian city and not some location in Europe. People living there really adore their city, and also are very friendly to all guests. They know English well, and when you…
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The best wife ever

Caring Anna from Dnepropetrovsk:"I wish to feel a support of my beloved man and, in turn, I will support him in any situation. I like my work that requires analytical thinking. But in the spare time, I take good care of myself with running and swimming."

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