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This Is The Most Stylish Slavic Bride

Yulia from Barcelona, Spain: "I have no requirements for a man. The only thing I want is to feel happy next to him. I just want to be happy and that's the main thing. His height, appearance, money of a man will not make me happy, like his care, affection and tenderness towards me. It is important that there is harmony and chemistry between us, so that we feel butterflies in our stomach when we look into each other's eyes and that it breaks through like lightning from one touch. I believe that here I will meet you.I was born in Belarus, but now I live in beautiful Spain and I love this country very much. I often fly to my parents at home. A strong and friendly family is very important for me, that's why I am here. I am exhausted of loneliness and I am ready to sacrifice filming for the sake of my man and our future, I am ready to completely surrender to my family. There is a lot of tenderness and love in me I am ready to give to a worthy man."

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The Most Beautiful Slavic Bride

Nadezhda from Zaporozhye region, Ukraine: "The first thing I would like to see in my future man is being responsible for his life, and for life of our family. I am looking for a reliable and a caring man who can enjoy life, who appreciates his family. I want him to be my friend, my lover and my life partner."

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Your Lovely Dancer

Vera from Odessa, Ukraine: "I think all people believe in love and secret emotions and… Well, I am the same so that is why I would like to find a person who will value such things like honesty, privacy and… You know of course I truly hope he will respect my desires and opinions. Of course in such a way I will hug his heart with all the tenderness and passion of my love. I can add family means a lot for me, so that is why I truly hope his family values will be really strong. I am keen on sport, traveling, learning foreign languages, shopping, literature, psychology.
I have a lot of interests that are acrobatics, gymnastics, traveling, learning new languages, dances, yoga, meeting with friends. I can cook perfectly and got used to do it but I don't like to cook for myself only.)))"

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Summer Is Coming Soon. Spend It With Alina

Alina from Zaporozhye, Ukraine: "You are not a King. You are not a Prince. You are not a Knight. But you are a Man! And therefore I am here. I want you to be My Man! And I came here with this purpose. Yes, I know you are not an idea, otherwise you would not exist, but I am sure that you will be the best for me and only for me! So, I am sure that you are the most caring, loving man and therefore I want to share my life only with you! I want you to be my husband, my lover and loyal friend, my teacher and supporter! And I hope you will want the same from me! I can be your Angel, I can be your Lady, I can be your Star! But do you want this? Or maybe you need a Woman? So, I'm everything and I will be everything for you! I'm calm and patient, I'm caring and loving, but I'm alone and I need you! I know that all people have dreams and I am here to make your dream come true! And I will be your wizard, your fairy! And I believe in this! And I am sure that you feel the same! All of us are children in our souls and this is so important not to forget about this!"

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