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Are you ready to spend this summer with Ilona?

Ilona from Kyiv, Ukraine: "Speaking about my interests I need to say that I cannot imagine my life without sport. It brings me a lot of positive emotions! I work as a trainer and I like my work very much. I like the outdoors, meetings with friends, music, reading, dancing, and cooking. I am interested in art and design. I am looking for a serious relationship here. I believe that friendship is a good base for a relationship. I miss a positive, kind, romantic, faithful, honest and caring man next to me. It is very important for me to have a similar outlook with my loving man and to share the same values."

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Red-haired Slavic beauty Aline is tired to be alone

Alina from Kiev: "I am a very active person! I am also a creative lady! I never sit on the spot and love constant movement and communication. My hobbies are dancing, sports, horse riding. I like to read very much and sometimes I write poems myself! Do you want to see a beautiful hot lady with thousands of qualities? I bet yes. Then come to meet me in Kiev. I am easily satisfied. Not a demanding person! As I know we need to little for real happiness. Just health, close people, a job that we love, lovely nature around. What is in your happiness list?"

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Perfect morning with Zoryana

Zoryana from Rovno: " Please look not only at my face and body .. look deeper inside. I am an artist. I like the art. Music is my air. I adore legends from different countries. I read a lot. I write prose. I believe in fate and reincarnation. Maybe we were familiar earlier in a past life. I just want to be a happy mom and wife) It will make me completely happy. My favorite food: fruits, vegetables, cheese, sweet)"

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Back to childhood with Julia

Julia from Odessa: "I am a very kind and sensitive girl, nevertheless I am a persistent person, who never gives up and I can be very initiative. I can say that I am a purposeful, but very modest and not proud person. Sometimes I can be vulnerable, shy, I do not like lies and hypocrisy. I do not like lies and hypocrisy. They say I have qualities of a good leader, and that I am attentive and very gentle. But it is better to see for real than to read on the Internet."

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