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January 2019 Lady of the Month: Irina

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Irina from Kiev: "Happiness is when you are in love and feel reciprocity. That's why I came here, to be able to meet my soul mate, even if you are very far. I believe in love, I wish to create a family, good relations with respect and care. I am an honest, sincere, optimistic, joyful, kind girl:) I will be glad to answer all your questions to me, so you will see that you made a good step !"

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Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Relations

A relationship is like an everyday game, in which there may be both losers and winners. And if you want to be happy with your partner, you will definitely want to be a winner. But remember that when there are two of them, you will get the pure balance and happiness that will please both…
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What to Do on Valentine’s Day if You Are Alone

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and the spirit of the holiday for all who are in love is already in the air! But you might feel distressed, as you are still alone, and don’t know what to do this day. Of course, you can hide at home and pretend that this is a…
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Beautiful Darya in a wonderful dress…

Darya from Kharkiv: "The first impression of me is that I am a conceited and overbearing person, but they change their mind after a few words with me. I am actually a shy and introvert girl who needs more time to relax in the company of strangers but then we can become the best friends. I am a good woman for marriage I think."

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