Monthly Archives: January 2019

21st of January – International Hugging Day

Relations consist of so many pleasant aspects that can be done only with those whom you love. For example, hugs! No one knows how and when they were invented, but even animals tend to hug each other, and scientists have proved that people who are hugged every day live longer and happier life! Isn’t it…
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Signs that It Is Time to Marry Her

A Slavic lady is brought up with the firm belief – she will marry a prince, in a puffy white dress, and their mutual sweet love will last forever like in a fairy tale. So, if you have chosen VeronikaLove site willing to find exotic Russian woman, be ready that she is the one aimed…
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The Old New Year

14th of January is a very interesting day! It is the holiday that is celebrated basically in Slavic countries – the Old New Year. It is also known as Orthodox New Year and is currently an unofficial holiday, so people don’t have some day offs at work, and children keep on visiting the school, but…
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