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May 2019 Lady of the Month: Anastasiya

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Anastasiya fromĀ Lviv: "I want a man who knows how to make woman happy, ready to love and care. Here a lot of men want only to receive love, but I think that relationship should be an exchange of love, care, and happiness. And also I want him to be my friend. I am interested in people in general and in people with whom I can discuss everything and simply have a good time! It would be wrong to say that that it is all because I am a very versatile person and I am here because I really want to find my love. Could you help me with it?"

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April 2019 Lady of the Month: Ilona

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Ilona from Kiev: "I am looking for a relationship. I want to meet real love. Do you want to be with me? Among the men, I noted independent, confident, charismatic. I would like to find an equal partner. Intelligent to respect the woman side by side, with a sense of humor and self-irony, spontaneous and sensual. I am not sure that my characteristics will bring me to my chosen one, but some sort of reference points must be determined."

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March 2019 Lady of the Month: Anna

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Anna from Kiev: "I am a cheerful and gentle person. I am very sincere and sensual. I have so much love to share with my man. I am serious and honest in my actions and in my choice. I can describe myself as a kind person, and I always look for compromises in the relationship, I do not like quarrels. I am a family and faithful woman, I love traditions, and I believe in long term relations and true love. I really love animals, and I love the world around me. I try to make it better with my smile, because of our positive we can make the world more colorful and better. I also like to keep fit and I love different kinds of sports, such as a gym, cycling, and horseback riding. I love experiments in the kitchen, and I always like to try something new in every sphere of my life. I am very curious, and I believe that in life there are a lot of uncharted things. It seems to me that the best make-up for a woman is her smile. Also, a woman should be beautiful from the inside, and I am this kind of woman. I'm not perfect, but together we can strive to be even better."

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January 2019 Lady of the Month: Irina

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Irina from Kiev: "Happiness is when you are in love and feel reciprocity. That's why I came here, to be able to meet my soul mate, even if you are very far. I believe in love, I wish to create a family, good relations with respect and care. I am an honest, sincere, optimistic, joyful, kind girl:) I will be glad to answer all your questions to me, so you will see that you made a good step !"

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