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May 2024 Lady of the Month: Mariya

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Mariya from Mykolaiv, Ukraine: "I am thoughtful, loyal and passionate. I want to settle down and have a family... but I don’t actually want to settle down... I like roaming around and exploring new places. I like traveling with people who I care about and who care about me. With my outgoing personality, I love to be spontaneous. I love doing anything that excites me and fuels the fiery energy inside of me. I am optimistic in love and when I love, I love hard!"

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April 2024 Lady of the Month: Sofia

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Sofia from Changwat Phuket, Thailand: "I am looking for a man and he has to be kind and tender with me. As for me, I will be the sweetest and the dearest woman in his life. I want to spend all good and bad days with him. We will have fun in sunny and rainy days just because we're together. It's not a shame to be romantic I think. I am romantic. And I look for someone who wants to have our personal romance all our life."

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March 2024 Lady of the Month: Dominika

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Dominika from Wroclaw, Poland: "And so the main thing that I would like to find in a man is that he accepts me for who I am, natural, I am very afraid of doctors and operations, so I will not do plastic surgery. I like to meditate, do yoga, go to nature to get positive emotions. I think that there is always something to talk about with me and I would like to believe that I am a good conversationalist."

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February 2024 Lady of the Month: Yaroslava

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Yaroslava from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine: "You will be in love with my sense of humor! I am very communicative and versatile lady. I love animals, trying to help and care of them. I care a lot about our ecology and do my best to encourage my surroundings to take care of it too. We should not be indifferent to nature and it is one of the most important questions for me. I find beauty in everything and everyone.

I absolutely do not care of your weight and height. I do not have any ideal or standards because I am not going to miss my second half due to stupid stereotypes! Love lives in each of us."

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