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October 2022 Lady of the Month: Irina

Irina from Kyiv, Ukraine: "I'm a very loving woman, with so much love to give when I meet a special man. I'm not in a hurry to get married, I think that true marriage is the one where a man and a woman get married because they want to have a sweet life together, and not because they want to have a fast expensive wedding. I'm kind, amiable and I have a good sense of humor. I would like us to laugh every day because laughs and kisses make us feel alive."

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September 2022 Lady of the Month: Mariya

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Mariya from Kyiv, Ukraine: "I am looking for a mature, charismatic man with whom I will be comfortable even when we are silent. I need a reliable partner, not a young macho playing with people's hearts! All I want to find is a normal person, with whom, most likely, we will start communication and he will just know what kind of person I am. I love strong people who are mentally strong, who know what they want in their life, what they want from their partner, from their friends and relatives."

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August 2022 Lady of the Month: Oksana

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Oksana from Mykolaiv, Ukraine: "I have soft character and kind soul. I am a girl who loves life. I am very optimistic person who likes smile. I am young, cheerful, sweet, gentle, loving, caring, passionate, sincere, open minded, loyal person for whom the mutual understanding and respect are the base of relation. I just want to try my luck here and see what will be.

In men appreciate the erudition, sense of humor and creative thinking. I seek harmony in my man. I strive with a smile to treat the difficulties and would be happy to learn it from my companion. I think that paired mutually to give ease and support. A good attitude is more productive to create together."

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July 2022 Lady of the month : Anastasia

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Anastasia from Lviv, Ukraine: "My hobby is Art, and I think I could become an artist ;).. if you see my works sometimes, hope you will love them. But you know what my aim is ?.. I wish to write the most beautiful picture of me and you, embracing each other. We will put it on the wall of our bedroom and keep it softly. I am here to meet you, my love !"

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