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April 2021 Lady of the Month: Katerina

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Katerina from Cherkassy, Ukraine: "I am a woman who values intelligence in men... Yes, passion, sense of humour, kindness are important, too. But intelligence is the most important thing. I want to talk with my man about everything. To discuss not only everyday things. I want to have interesting conversations with my man even when we are both old and other things are not so important... You know what I mean, right?
And you know, I don't have any special requirements... Just be yourself and I am sure I will find for what to love you... In me you will find something else than just typical women's features like kindness, love, passion and so on... I am a smart woman and I am not shy to tell this to you. I can help you in your work and I can be your friend who you can always talk to and share your "burdens of life". I am very romantic but if my man is not; I am ok with it as I can create a romantic mood for both of us. I like active way of life and experiments... So, I you didn't fall asleep while reading this... Please, don't stop yourself from writing to me!"

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March 2021 Lady of the Month: Lilia

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Lilia from Berdyansk, Ukraine: "I am easy-going and optimistic. I can be very passionate and also very sensual and gentle lady. I am sociable and attentive to people around me. Sensual, seduction woman... I like to be a real woman! I adore romantic evenings..... and red roses make my heart melt... I can surely be a good friend and reliable partner in life.I want to find a good reliable friend who will be my partner in life. I want a man who will hold me tight...and never let me go...I do not care about his age, I just want to be near with a real man...."

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February 2021 Lady of the Month: Katerina

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Katerina from Moscow, Russia: "It is important for me that the man and I are on the same wavelength so that we can talk about anything, laugh instead of heartily. That we could dance together as if no one sees us. It is important for me to be a kindred spirit with my man. I was born into a wonderful loving family, and therefore I dream of creating the same family. I am a very kind and open woman. It's easy to find a common language with me, you can be 100% yourself. I believe in love and goodness and that they will save the world.
I am a very positive person, and I am always looking for a positive side in everything. Furthermore, I have a good sense of humor, and you will never be bored with me.
I am open to meeting in life. "

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January 2021 Lady of the Month: Anastasia

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Anastasia from Kharkiv region, Ukraine: "If you wonder what I am doing here then I must surprise you! I am looking for my husband to be. Yes! I think that my man needs to get the best from me, my beauty, my youth, my attraction, and my passion. Likewise, I wanted to save all my warmth to the only one man and do not want to try and spend time with someone "just for an experience". Furthermore, I am interested in someone unforgettable who will become my soul, my heart, and my love. I am crazy about animals. I want to make a lot of memories about our love and life together! Are you ready?"

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