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November 2018 Lady of the Month: Tatyana

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Tatyana from Saint Petersburg: "I always dreamt of a strong and friendly family. It is very important to have a father and mother. So now I am confident that every child should be a real family. The family is a real treasure that we should not only create, but also be able to save."

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October 2018 Lady of the Month: Alla

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Alla from Ukraine: "My interests are very versatile. I like ethnic and meditative music. I think that classical and meditative melodies - the best way to unwind, relax, feel the harmonious personality. Cookery is also included in the circle of my interests. It is the real art, secrets, and fineness of which can know and perfect right through life. Nature is in the center of my interests: forests, landscapes, animals and plants. It surrounds us throughout life."

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September 2018 Lady of the Month: Marina

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Marina from Lviv: "I want to see beside me an unusual, extravagant man who will be ready for that that would not be bored with me. In my spare time, I often rent a bike tour and go to a picnic with my friends. Twice I tried fishing, but I need lessons. I traveled, but alone - I do not want. I want to have a man with whom I can spend my free time."

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August 2018 Lady of the Month: Daria

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Daria from Penza:"I like to travel, and discover new places where I have never been to! I like to go with a tent somewhere in the forest, enjoying the smell of the woods and warm by the fire. Isn’t it very romantic?? Do you like a romantic person? I like watching different interesting films, reading detectives and to do some sport. I want to find a man with so strong position in life like I have. And just to be happy with him! I have a lot of friends but only one-two I can call a true friend. And none of them, I can not call my love. But I do hope I use a true dating site to meet a guy I can call my friend and my love !"

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