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July 2021 Lady of the Month: Maria

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Maria from Saint Petersburg, Russia: "I can say that I am very kind, calm, but at the same time very, very cheerful. I love to laugh and joke, and I really love the energetic lifestyle. I love animals very much, and I think we should take care of them.
Furthermore, I consider myself a very fair person, and I really dislike lies. My heart is open to great and bright love, I believe that here I can meet a worthy man."

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June 2021 Lady of the Month: Polina

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Polina from Pskov, Russia: "I believe it is impossible to describe myself in several sentences, but I will try 🙂 My name is Polina. I am a very sincere and vulnerable girl. I clearly know what I want from life and from myself. I am synthetic, romantic and friendly. I dislike lies and betrayal. I like to lead an active lifestyle and despite my young age, I clearly see my path. Since I am a fairly active person, I dislike sitting still. My life is always full of interesting and intense events, but I also like to do quiet activities, such as yoga, stretching, swimming. I also love to cook, it brings me pleasure, and it is always interesting to improve my skill and add something new to the recipe :)"

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May 2021 Lady of the Month: Ludmila

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Ludmila from Rostov-on-Don, Russia: "I am ready for real meetings. We can get to know each other and plan a meeting. I have serious goals and do not play here. My goal is to find love. I really want to find a good man to build a romantic relationship. I love movies, evening walks with coffee, I love to eat deliciously, but I often go on a diet)) not so much, but I try)), this will not reflect on my chosen one, he will always be full. I love helping people and animals. I love sports, train in the gym, I love boxing and long distance cycling, the last record is 38 km alone."

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April 2021 Lady of the Month: Katerina

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Katerina from Cherkassy, Ukraine: "I am a woman who values intelligence in men... Yes, passion, sense of humour, kindness are important, too. But intelligence is the most important thing. I want to talk with my man about everything. To discuss not only everyday things. I want to have interesting conversations with my man even when we are both old and other things are not so important... You know what I mean, right?
And you know, I don't have any special requirements... Just be yourself and I am sure I will find for what to love you... In me you will find something else than just typical women's features like kindness, love, passion and so on... I am a smart woman and I am not shy to tell this to you. I can help you in your work and I can be your friend who you can always talk to and share your "burdens of life". I am very romantic but if my man is not; I am ok with it as I can create a romantic mood for both of us. I like active way of life and experiments... So, I you didn't fall asleep while reading this... Please, don't stop yourself from writing to me!"

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