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June 2022 Lady of the Month: Tatyana

Tatyana from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: "I am looking for a relationship where husband and wife can help and support each other, share the joys and frustrations of life, make each other happy, and where love can grow. I hope to share my life with a woman who has the same dreams as me. Most importantly, I'm looking for that special person that I can connect with on an emotional level and who will become my husband and best friend."

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May 2022 Lady of the Month: Irina

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Irina from Kiev, Ukraine: "I’m looking for a person with a good and golden heart and who will never leave me alone in difficult and hard life’s situation! I believe, that only responsible person will be able to be next to me. A person, who keeps his word and honesty, is a priority for me! I want to build a strong and long-term relationship with sincerity and openness to each other."

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April 2022 Lady of the Month: Alena

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Alena from Kherson, Ukraine: "I am here to find my love and meet my husband!Sweet like honey, just taste me and let's be together??
I am open and sinsare, I am good and truthfull! I need love and be loved!"

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March 2022 Lady of the Month: Alisa

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Alisa from Warszawa, Poland: "Have you ever dreamed about little kitten cuddling you in the cold winter evening? So congradulations I could be that kitty for you.
I will not tell lots of loud words how amazing I am. I am going to prove it by my deeds
So if you are intersted in colorful serious relations with such sun as me, write me and I promise that you will never regret.
I am sure that it is important to have not just outside beaty but also a deep inner world, which I am going to show you.
My heart is open for you and ready to share all my love with you"

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