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July 2021 Lady of the Month: Maria

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Maria from Saint Petersburg, Russia: "I can say that I am very kind, calm, but at the same time very, very cheerful. I love to laugh and joke, and I really love the energetic lifestyle. I love animals very much, and I think we should take care of them.
Furthermore, I consider myself a very fair person, and I really dislike lies. My heart is open to great and bright love, I believe that here I can meet a worthy man."

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These Qualities Attract Women

Veronikalove is a great place to meet the right person for you to spend the rest of your life. We know that you'd like to be the best for your beloved one. What you should wear to attract the attention of women, what to say and what to do. Every woman has her own idea…
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Do You Want To Fly With Butterflies?

Kristina from Nikolaev, Ukraine: "I am an easy-going person. I can say to myself that I am a kind girl because the person who loves children cannot be not kind. I am easy for compromises. I really love children, they are beautiful and the best we have in the entire world! And I like to take care of somebody. I love to give and receive back attention."

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How to dress on the first date?

As you know, the first impression can be made only once. For the first date, your appearance can be a decisive factor in the further development of a relationship with a girl. When a man is dressed fashionably and stylishly, this may not affect the outcome of the date, but a bad outfit definitely makes…
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