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6th of July – World Kiss Day или World Kissing Day

Today, everyone can “exchange their souls” with full rights - July 6 marks World Kiss Day or World Kissing Day, which was first invented in the UK. In many cities on this day, there are various kissing competitions, the participants of which have a chance to win various prizes and gifts. How did the kiss…
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9th of May – Europe Day

Every year on May 9 in several European countries, and especially in the countries of the European Union (EU), Europe Day is officially celebrated. This day was established with the aim of closer involvement of European citizens in the integration process and was also intended to educate citizens of EU member states and people in…
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The Perfect Body, The Perferct Lady, The Perfect Soul

Evgenia from Mahilyowskaya Voblasts', Belarus: "A positive woman with a bright look at this life and a very tender heart. I love doing sports, but I also like to eat much more than just broccoli:-) In fact, I cook so well! Looking for someone whose way to a heart lies through his stomach! A woman who likes to be beautiful and feel beautiful 🙂 I am someone who enjoys this life and wants to share happiness with a man!"

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13th of April – World Rock-n-roll Day

World Rock-n-roll Day is a celebration of like-minded people, for whom rock and roll have become not only music but a style and way of life. The holiday is celebrated annually on April 13, although the historic event that served as the basis for the holiday happened a day earlier: on April 12, 1954, Bill…
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