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The best trainer ever

Yulia from Zhytomyr: "I love to travel and sunbathe, I like to spend time with my sons, together we dance and play, and do many other things. I also love to embroider, I am fond of beadwork, I make cushions with bead patterns on them, icons and shirts. This hobby relaxes me, helps me to concentrate on positive things. I did sports in the past, and still, love to be active."

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Are Your Relations Happy?

It is really important to have only healthy relations. Lots of people don’t even know what this actually means. And as a result, people have broken hearts and unfulfilled expectations. And what is even worse, they start raising children in the same unhealthy atmosphere! So, here are the signs that everything is great in your…
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Best Topics for the First Conversation

Communication on VeronikaLove site is very convenient. You may start it with anyone you like, and take as much time as you need to write a letter and send it when you are ready. There are no reasons to feel worried that you may say something wrong, as you can always think twice and choose…
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14th of February – Valentine’s Day

VeronikaLove is happy to congratulate all those who are looking for their love with the holiday of everyone who is connected with this wonderful and sweet feeling – love! On the 14th of February, the whole world shouts out about their feelings and unites in the celebration of the Day of all lovers – St.…
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