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May 2019 Lady of the Month: Anastasiya

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Anastasiya fromĀ Lviv: "I want a man who knows how to make woman happy, ready to love and care. Here a lot of men want only to receive love, but I think that relationship should be an exchange of love, care, and happiness. And also I want him to be my friend. I am interested in people in general and in people with whom I can discuss everything and simply have a good time! It would be wrong to say that that it is all because I am a very versatile person and I am here because I really want to find my love. Could you help me with it?"

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Dream With Passionate Blonde Anastasia

Anastasia from Kiev: "It`s hard for me to describe myself, my friends say that I`m cheerful, kind, I always come to the rescue if it`s necessary. I love animals, children. I have many plans for my future life. I want to be a successful woman, a beloved wife, and a happy mother. I am ready to do everything that depends on me to achieve this aim."

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Truth About Relations

"There is nothing more permanent than temporary," says an Eastern proverb. Maybe sometime from such a "temporary", the most permanent will happen. Women are looking for long-term, reliable relationships in which they could have a baby, get psychological safety and relax. A woman wants to find a man who would belong exclusively to her -…
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Do you like Oksana’s red lipstick?

Oksana: "I need a man who will change my life. With whom I will be warm and calm. Money, fame, yachts, expensive cars. I'm not interested in all this. I want you to know, I can take care of myself. I need a passionate and hot man. Who knows how to make a woman happy. Who is looking for a meeting with a single woman? Not just in words, but in real life. I'm looking for a kind and considerate person. Ambitious, romantic, who understands what is family values. He believes in mutual love and family happiness. I hope the best online dating site will help me to meet such a person."

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