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14th of February – Valentine’s Day

VeronikaLove is happy to congratulate all those who are looking for their love with the holiday of everyone who is connected with this wonderful and sweet feeling – love! On the 14th of February, the whole world shouts out about their feelings and unites in the celebration of the Day of all lovers – St.…
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Beautiful Darya in a wonderful dress…

Darya from Kharkiv: "The first impression of me is that I am a conceited and overbearing person, but they change their mind after a few words with me. I am actually a shy and introvert girl who needs more time to relax in the company of strangers but then we can become the best friends. I am a good woman for marriage I think."

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Julia can be so different, can’t she?

Julia from Kiev: "I am fond of music, I like to sing, to play piano or just listen to good music when I have an opportunity. I try to have a nice soundtrack to my life. 🙂 I consider myself a creative person - I am interested in crafts and like to create beautiful things. I like nature and animals very much."

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