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September 2021 Lady of the Month: Violetta

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Violetta from Kharkiv, Ukraine: "I like a self-motivated and self-confident man who will be ready to do anything for our love, because relationships are built on mutual understanding and care for each other. I would like to see next to me a kind, caring and sensitive man who will always support me in hard times and give me advice. It is important that he be active, cheerful and able to make me smile even on the worst day for me, did not sit still, developed and pushed me to new actions, was always courageous and did not give slack. Iam ready to always stand behind my man and make him happy if he deserves it. The most interesting and important hobby for me is yoga and ballet, which are closely related. Indeed, in both types of activities, stretching is important. They perfectly combine with each other. Yoga and ballet help me get better and develop both spiritually and physically"

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4th of September – World Beard Day

The story of wearing or not wearing a beard is a story of preferences, tastes, fashion trends, religious beliefs, ideas of beauty and masculinity, the story of human life. There was a period in the history of Russia when the beard, as an everyday phenomenon, even turned out to be a sign of adherence to…
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August 2021 Lady of the Month: Tatiana

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Tatiana from Kharkiv, Ukraine: "I am interested in art. I like to create comfort and beauty in this world. I create jewellery with my own hands. I create decor, I love natural perfumes (flower aromas), personal care, massages, spa, outdoor recreation, travel, swimming and sports, healthy food, not only for body but also for soul. My dream and the major goal in life is to create a happy, loving family, develop and translate my creative works into the world."

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19th of August – World Photography Day

Nowadays, a snapshot is something ordinary and does not require any effort. You can take a million shots and then choose the best one. But before photography was considered a miracle, a unique magic, and photographers had no right to make a mistake. World Photography Day is celebrated on August 19. This date is special.…
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