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July 2018 Lady of the Month: Anastasiya

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Anastasiya from Dnepropetrovsk: "Better ask me what I don’t like to do!)) I am a type of person who likes to try something new in life! There is no measure for me to grow up and open new horizons. So what do I like? Music, dances, sport (you can see it in my profile)))) I like to travel, I like to walk, I like to eat))) Haha, yeah I am a great lover to eat something really tasty and not very healthy sometimes."

Meet Anastasiya on Veronikalove!

Happy Birthday, VERONIKALOVE!

VeronikaLove has the first 10 years! Let’s celebrate it together all weekend! During 27-29 July every member can send 1 letter per a day to any lady he likes absolutely for free! More communication, more celebration, more love!
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Is It Good to Be a Picky Dater?

When we look for relations, we sometimes start feeling not very good for the fact that we might be a little bit picky. Our relatives, for example, may push on us saying “You should grab what you have right now and not to think over” or “Your time is going, choose someone as soon as…
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