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Suits or Dresses? What Do You Prefer?

Anastasia from Kharkiv, Ukraine: "The most important character traits of a man for me are reliability and loyalty. My man should be caring and kind with a good sense of humor. In addition, it is very important for me that my man is passionate. Passion is like a magnet that attracts people to each other. I want my man to think about me, at work, at a meeting with colleagues or friends, and he was drawn to me by this magnet of passion."

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Take A Bath With Anastasia

Anastasia from Kharkiv, Ukraine: "I can’t speak for all the girls here, but I think I'm the simplest and most ordinary girl 🙂
I was lucky because from childhood I grew up in a family in which there was warmth and care, so I grew up faithful. I always tell the truth, no matter how offensive she is. And I am always ready to take criticism in my favour. With me, you will never be bored 🙂 My dream is to see the whole world, from childhood I dream of travelling to most beautiful countries. I also love animals very much. I love and know how to cook completely different dishes.
From early childhood I loved to dance and sing, for a long time I could not choose what I like all the same more, but now I realized that dancing is more suitable for me.
I’m ready to devote my whole life to dancing, in this direction I would like to develop."

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July 2021 Lady of the Month: Maria

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Maria from Saint Petersburg, Russia: "I can say that I am very kind, calm, but at the same time very, very cheerful. I love to laugh and joke, and I really love the energetic lifestyle. I love animals very much, and I think we should take care of them.
Furthermore, I consider myself a very fair person, and I really dislike lies. My heart is open to great and bright love, I believe that here I can meet a worthy man."

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June 2021 Lady of the Month: Polina

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Polina from Pskov, Russia: "I believe it is impossible to describe myself in several sentences, but I will try 🙂 My name is Polina. I am a very sincere and vulnerable girl. I clearly know what I want from life and from myself. I am synthetic, romantic and friendly. I dislike lies and betrayal. I like to lead an active lifestyle and despite my young age, I clearly see my path. Since I am a fairly active person, I dislike sitting still. My life is always full of interesting and intense events, but I also like to do quiet activities, such as yoga, stretching, swimming. I also love to cook, it brings me pleasure, and it is always interesting to improve my skill and add something new to the recipe :)"

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