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31st of August – Blog Day

The idea to celebrate Blog Day on August 31 appeared in 2005 when active LiveJournal users saw the numbers 3108 in the word "Blog. Therefore, August 31 was set as the holiday date. The initiators of the Day of the blog urge to devote it to acquaintance with comrades from different countries and with different…
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Traits of Character Men like in Ladies the Most

Slavic ladies are known for being the best wives. And that is because they have a set of traits of character that attract men the most! Have you ever thought about what exactly makes them so special? Here is the list of traits that combine into the lady of your dreams! Self-confident Guys like confident…
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August 2020 Lady of the Month: Marina

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Marina from Kharkiv, Ukraine: "I like doing sport and traveling. I have been to some marvelous parts of this terrestrial globe before the world was closed but I hope soon we will be able to travel again! A man is the head of the family and it has to be like that. So I wish to be a beautiful neck next to my HEAD. I like to keep everything in order and I am a bit like a perfectionist. But the wish of my Family is the most important for me!!!!!!
I need a hero of my dreams and blues...The one who steals my heart and will live long in my heart...I need a one who knows what is a woman and knows how to treat a woman like me...The one who has even hotter temper than me."

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24th of August – Independence Day of Ukraine

Independence Day of Ukraine is one of the most important days for all Ukrainians. Independence Day of Ukraine: the history of the holiday What date is the Independence Day of Ukraine? On August 24, 1991, the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR adopted a resolution on the proclamation of the independence of Ukraine, and then…
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