How to meet a girl on VeronikaLove?

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It would seem that getting to know through specialized sites or services is as easy as shelling pears, because they are used by girls who are in search.

But there are no less potential satellites. To increase your chances, follow these rules.

1. Approach your profile wisely
Do you want a serious relationship?
Then don't post (or at least don't make it the main) photo of your torso and other bare body parts.
Even if you have mind-blowing cubes.
Even if it's a sin to hide such beauty.

2. Avoid Newbies
Most dating sites advertise new users: they are placed on the first pages of the search or in special sections that everyone else sees.
As a result, newbies (especially girls) get a lot of messages. So yours might just get lost.

3. Don't be familiar
No matter how the girl in the photo reminds you of a wild cat or a princess, you should not inform her about it in the first message.
For acquaintance - affectionate words and tenderness are inappropriate.

4. Say no to platitudes
Dating sites and services create a feeling of great choice. And given that girls there, in principle, receive more messages than men, the latter have to stand out.

The cruel truth: the next "hello, how are you" does not cause a desire to answer, and the standard interrogation with predilection discourages all cravings to continue the conversation.

Be more specific. To make an acquaintance, use the information that is indicated in the girl's profile, or choose an extraordinary topic for conversation.
For example, offer to share crazy stories from life or tell about the most unusual dream. So you will attract attention, avoid tedious questionnaires and melt the ice.

5. And forget about mailings
Some men, tired of scribbling hundreds of welcome messages, decide to come up with one: big, detailed and universal.

So, at least they think. In fact, a text devoid of individual appeal is immediately visible and arouses even less interest.

The advice is simple: decide what kind of woman you are looking for, take the time to select suitable candidates, and write them at least one, but lively phrase.
Repeat if necessary. As the saying goes, seek and you shall find.

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