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June 2020 Lady of the Month: Daniela

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Daniela from Italy: "I am a very brave girl)) as you can see, I dared to post my profile and look for my love here) And I feel that this will happen and I will meet my man.
I am also a very sensitive girl) Both in the character board and in terms of my body.
If my beloved man kisses me, goosebumps will run all over my body.
Are you ready to be the cause of my goosebumps mmmm?) because goosebumps never lie."

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How to Understand Your Woman

Ladies on VeronikaLove are the best. Everyone knows that they are great wives and cooks, and can listen and understand. But for the harmony in relations, you must know how to understand them too! Here are a few tips on how to understand your lady better. 1. Caring. How to learn to understand a woman?…
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Your Future Girlfriend

Oksana from Kyiv: "I am a lady of charm. I hope you can see it in my photos. Natural, beautiful, loving, very romantic, and very, very, passionate! I lead a healthy lifestyle and I am sure that our nutrition is key to a good and prosperous life. Of course, I am not going to live 100 years, but who knows. I am a very active person, and all my friends always ask me how I can be so energetic all the time. It's just life and we are to enjoy every second of it. Do not get me wrong, you can have some time for yourself. I will not bother you with my passion all the time. But if you ask, I do! I think it's very important in relations! Do you agree with me?

I am sure, that you cannot find the woman with more hobbies than I have. There is nothing to make me bored. I can easily learn to do something new and to enjoy it. Besides, there will be a smile on the face! Don't believe me? Ask me? Now I go in for sports, dance, sing, ride a horse, learn several foreign languages, practice yoga, drive my car, cook new recipes. Well, I am never lazy, but, believe me, I will have all my time for you! You can be with me live 24/7. Well, I enjoy yachting, fishing, playing chess, fashion, psychology, golf, fen-Shui, health, and beauty."

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Did You Know that the Color of Present Also Matters?

VeronikaLove greets summer, and offers you a wide variety of Real Gifts to send to your lady! But did you know that the color of a present also plays an integral part! Each color has its own particular beauty, carries a certain meaning, and subconsciously affects our mood. This knowledge will be needed when choosing…
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