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Why do you fall in love quickly, easily and often

If you notice that you often immerse yourself in love, but in the end this does not lead to a long and strong relationship, then most likely you are susceptible to emophilia. It can be a big problem and a headache to deal with and deal with. Emophilia is also called emotional promiscuity - it…
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Happily ever after: rules that will help preserve love for years

Maybe you met the love of your life on VeronikaLove and now want to start over with a clean slate and for the long haul. Well, maintaining a relationship for a long time is not as difficult as it sometimes seems. It is enough not to forget about them either in times of complete mutual…
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Is it necessary to hide your hobbies from a potential partner?

Should you be ashamed of your hobby? You've probably noticed that some hobbies are generally frowned upon in society. Especially if you have ever been interested in something relatively uncommon (relatively, because literally everything has thousands of fans and any hobby is still rather popular). Such activities are perceived as such stupidity for young people.…
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