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Very Playful Blondie

Brigitte from Los Angeles, United States: "I am here for a perfectly understandable and unambiguous purpose. Of course, people often overestimate the harmfulness of loneliness, but lately I get tired of it .. I decided that it's time to change something in life. I'm a shy and modest girl, but I have a sincere and kind heart. I always tell people the truth and at a glance I can identify a good person or a bad person."

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How to determine the character of a girl by hair color

Many look at hair color very superficially, regard it only from the point of view of a suitable shade for skin color, for a general image, for an image, etc. But you need to look a little deeper: by the color of the hair, you can draw some conclusions about the character and behavior of…
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How to love women or 12 rules of a smart man (Part 2)

There is no woman more attractive than the one who feels loved, whose eyes exude fountains of light and warmth. It is difficult to remain indifferent next to such a woman, with her mere presence she changes her inner self-awareness, brings a holiday into your world. But not all men manage to give a woman…
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Very Sweet & Cute Slavic Bride

Irina from Kiev, Ukraine: "About me: if in short I am funny, sexy, positive, cool, amazing, gorgeous, stunning, hot, smart, and modest girl) haha I am kidding) I am not good in talking about myself, I feel weird when I have to do it. I am just a normal, easy-going and down to the Earth girl. People say that it is very comfortable to talk with me, and i believe them) Since I remember myself, I always was dreaming about big true love. And I came here with the goal to find it) I am sure when 2 people love each other there are no borders for them in the whole world. For me it is not matter where you live, how old are you and what mistakes you made in past. If I love you - I want to be with you and to make you happy:) "

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