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August 2016 Lady of the Month: Katerina

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Katerina is stanning and classy woman who is  seeking for a man who will value it and will never let her go from his arms.  She wishes to find her arms and stay there forever.
She is sporty lady because she is fitness trainer! She loves animals, she loves life in all its colors! Katerina finds herself passionate but faithful, loving, tender but only for her  special man. If you wish to know more about Katerina, you can find her here.

What does woman wish for?

Man and woman! We are that different and at the same time can we live one without each other? What do we need to find harmony, to learn to understand each other? What does woman want? I am sure every man asks this question and even more every man supposes that knowing the answer is the…
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Corsets: from the Middle ages till today

This magnifiscent lingerie attracts both men and women through the centuries... The corset was found out due to medical necessity in the late 1830's. A woman was considered to be very fragile in that days, and people used to think she couldn't even live comfortably without some assistance from the fixed form. The girls were used to…
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