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Juanuary 2017 Lady of the Month: Ekaterina

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Marilyn Monroe of the XXI century? Yeap… Can be so true! And so real! And so close to you! She was so sexy! So Ekaterina is! She knows how to be a real lady, how to make a man happy,  loved and needed! She hopes you will find her voice sexy and her lips so temping! Meet Ekaterina here.

What foods act as aphrodisiacs?

Aphrodisiac foods has always been of high popularity in all countries and all centuries. They were first used as remedies for sexual dysfunctions and now we consume them for some additional sexual pleasure. In ancient times they served as means of increasing fertility. What is an aphrodisiac? It's a substance used as sexual stimulant because…
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Married men are healthier and happier than bachelors!

Solitude is becoming a trouble in many civilized countries. It's harmful not only for the social status of men and women but also for their health, as shows the study of the British sociologists. Would you like to know why married men are healthier and happier than bachelores? Then read below! The quantity of the…
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