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November 2020 Lady of the Month: Irina

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Irina from Odesa, Ukraine: "Maybe I will say something too personal...but I feel on top of the world when I do THIS! To be honest, I was 'born' into dancing. I have always been a shy lady with a good sense of musical rhythm and sparkling eyes. The art of movements, touches, and kinesthetics makes me crazy! It is my favorite way to speak without words. The body is the instrument to engage music. I love good music as intense as dance. The artist inside me loves cooking. It gives me creative satisfaction, as well as experimenting, adds to the thrill. I love diverse activities because there is nothing better than all the senses are satisfied. Caution! Acquaintance with me may cause deep feelings, Xtreme heart beating, and tons of goosebumps. If it is not a problem, here is a bit more info: clever and witty as the she-devil and twice as pretty. The real fountain of youth is having a playful mind and daring dreams. That's what I actually have! If a woman is confident, she is a winner. Beauty is an additional bonus! Well, I am a double winner then! I aspire to learn, evolve, and expand my consciousness, so I am flexible in my preferences. Always and about everything. Owning my wants without making anyone else responsible for fulfilling them I consider my strong feature! At the same time, I know when to stay a little shy girl and when to start being a serious lady! I do much more than I say, be continued!"

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The Best Slavic Bride Is Here

Elena from Kyiv, Ukraine: "I travel the world a lot and travel around the US a lot for business conferences because of my work. I am a fashion designer and I have my own shop. I want to develop my business. I am an adult lady who dreams of tenderness from her man. Unfortunately, I have never been married because I have worked so hard on my career. For the same reason, I have no children. I came to this site on the advice of a friend. All I dream about now is just to give a man love and get it in return. Maybe our goals are similar? For me, sports always take the main part of my life, I like to lead a healthy lifestyle and play sports, I like yoga, fitness, jogging in the woods... I want to live in another country, in a cozy and quiet place, but the main thing is to be close to my beloved."

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21st of November- World Hello Day

World Hello Day is celebrated annually on November 21. Its main goal is to draw the attention of the general public to the importance of personal communication for the preservation of peace. After all, only through good communication, and not using force, can almost any conflict be resolved. This holiday of greetings was invented in…
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