How our musical tastes affect relationships

What genres seem to men and women the most attractive and in what cases this can cause a gap.

American ticketing service TickPick conducted a study and found out how our musical tastes affect romantic relationships. It turned out that in the most direct way.

For example, when two people have completely different musical preferences, they continue to meet only in two percent of the cases. And in those couples who are able to enjoy music together, relationship satisfaction and emotional connection increase. Not to mention the fact that their communication becomes more complete.

According to a study, one in five people would not be able to date someone whose musical taste they consider to be poor. Only 46% of women and 54% of men would be able to enter into a relationship with a person with bad, in their opinion, taste.

Men consider hip-hop the most unattractive genre - 45% of them. For women, this genre is heavy metal (37%). Favorite genres for men and women are classic rock (41%) and hip-hop (39%), respectively.

Partners who are able to enjoy classic rock, oldies, jazz, country, and folk together rated their relationship satisfaction at 8.5 or higher. But the most attractive genre for both men and women is classic rock.

35% of single people cannot listen to certain music because it reminds them of an ex-partner.

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