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July 2016 Lady of the Month: Svetlana

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Elegant, charming and very emotional - this is about Svetlana! She is not afraid of difficulties and always tries to be optimistic in different live situations. She is sure that everything has a positive side. Svetlana is sure she can fill every day of beloved man with variety of emotions. She believes that a person develops with every book, movie or new city. Also she believes in destiny and fairy tales, and this is why she is here. Her heart is ready for love and actions! You can meet Svetlana here.

What would you like to see in your mate?

  When thinking about your future, what comes to your mind first? Do you imagine it clearly? We all want to meet a soul mate and to create a family and some of us spending many years of our lives looking for the right person. So who is this right person? Our perfect match? First…
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Funny Elena moves for you!

Funny and caring Slavic bride Elena from Kremenchug needs a serious and stable man but at the same time he must be cheerful! Look for Elena's photos here!
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