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November 2018 Lady of the Month: Tatyana

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Tatyana from Saint Petersburg: "I always dreamt of a strong and friendly family. It is very important to have a father and mother. So now I am confident that every child should be a real family. The family is a real treasure that we should not only create, but also be able to save."

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Sport Brings People Together

In cold times, when winter almost comes to its rights, people tend to leave their homes less and become even lazier. This leads to a less active lifestyle, and as a result, most people start gaining weight. We may laugh that we are like bears that are ready to sleep all winter long, but still,…
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Reasons the Lady Might Not Like You

VeronikaLove is the best dating site for those men who dream of a beautiful and breathtaking Slavic wife. There are so many ways to communicate with a lady here, and everything is made to help you find your love! But still, there is no guarantee that the lady you have found will answer you with…
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22nd of November – Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays for those who really cherish family values. And despite the fact that Slavic ladies actually don’t celebrate this day, as Ukraine and Russia don’t have any history connected with this date, they are all well aware about it and its history, and wish to congratulate you with…
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