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June 2021 Lady of the Month: Polina

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Polina from Pskov, Russia: "I believe it is impossible to describe myself in several sentences, but I will try 🙂 My name is Polina. I am a very sincere and vulnerable girl. I clearly know what I want from life and from myself. I am synthetic, romantic and friendly. I dislike lies and betrayal. I like to lead an active lifestyle and despite my young age, I clearly see my path. Since I am a fairly active person, I dislike sitting still. My life is always full of interesting and intense events, but I also like to do quiet activities, such as yoga, stretching, swimming. I also love to cook, it brings me pleasure, and it is always interesting to improve my skill and add something new to the recipe :)"

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23rd of June – International Olympic Day

Every year on June 23, the International Olympic Day is celebrated around the world, in memory of the revival of the Olympic movement in its present form. The idea of establishing a special holiday dedicated to the Olympic movement around the world, and which would allow people to learn about the basic Olympic principles, was…
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21st of June – International Yoga Day

On June 21, the world celebrates International Yoga Day. For the first time, the holiday was celebrated in June 2015, and the initiative to establish and choose the date of the Day belongs to the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. And this is no coincidence. India is the birthplace of yoga, where this teaching…
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19th of June – World Walking Day

A very unusual holiday and very relevant for people living in the frantic rhythm of the modern world - International Walking Day - is celebrated in mid-June. So, International Walking Day, or Slow Walking Day, is a holiday that calls to appreciate the importance of such a seemingly obvious, but forgotten by many, way to…
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