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Monogamy is back in fashion

After decades era of divorce, monogamy is now back in trend. True, this time without devalued stereotypes like family values ​​and eternal love, but under the auspices of partnership. Monogamy in the 21st century is, first of all, profitable, and only then, everything else. Man is a partner to man. This is how a well-known…
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7 reasons why relationship work is overrated

This idea leads us into many avoidable traps. The phrase “relationships need to be worked on” is used so often that it is perceived as an axiom that requires neither proof nor explanation. Meanwhile, this advice leaves such scope for fantasies and interpretations that it may not help, but turn life into torture. 1. Not…
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How to become a partner with whom it is good. One exercise.

Worrying thoughts are poisonous. They spoil the mood and the one who is worried, and the one to whom these thoughts are dedicated. Do you want to become a person with whom your partner will feel calmer, more confident? An exercise. Practicing the dance of intimacy This exercise is designed to help you better understand…
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