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31st of August – Blog Day

VeronikaLove is happy to congratulate you with the Blog Day! We also have a wonderful blog that shares with you ideas on how to communicate with ladies, build a relationship and be happy in it! The idea to celebrate Blog Day on August 31 came in 2005 when active LiveJournal users saw the number 3108…
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August 2019 Lady of the Month: Natalia

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Natalia from Kyiv, Ukraine: "I love traveling and seeing the world! I was born and lived all my life in Lugansk before the war started. I had to move to Kie in the 2014 year and it was a year of big changes! That experience taught me lots and every day when I get up, I say “Thank you” to God for one more exciting day of my life! We all are not ideal, so neither I am Perfect! I have my pros and cons but I am very honest, reliable and sincere in love and relationships! I really miss this feeling Love when it seems that everything is possible, there are no borders and nothing is too difficult in life. And I am sure that only love can give such a sensation! Love for me is not just a spark, it is work between two people, I know it and I am ready for it. With you?"

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Things You Must Do to Win Her Heart

VeronikaLove knows the best how to treat ladies and what to do on dates to make her want to date with you more and build strong relations! 1. Be sincere and do not deceive the girl. The weaker sex always feels a lie, so do not embellish your dignity and personal qualities. Sooner or later,…
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26th of August – The United States Open Tennis Championships

The United States Open Tennis Championships; US Open is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, which in modern tennis are the largest annual tournaments. Therefore, the attention of millions of sports fans is riveted to the competition. The US Open is held in New York (USA) on the courts of the local National Tennis…
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