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You won’t be forced to be sweet: why love cannot be earned

In order for you to be reciprocated on VeronikaLove!, you first need to understand yourself. Why do we think that love can be achieved Romantic cliches say: if you truly love, you have to fight for this feeling, even if the person does not reciprocate. Methods can be very different. For example, to come to…
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💋Your Wife is Here💘🔥

Nadejda from Chisinau, Moldova: "I am a sweet girl with a promising hope of becoming a loving and very caring wife. I am very attentive and I can give a lot to my man! So get ready for ardent love and care from me dear! Maybe I seem too sweet to you: I always smile, pretty, polite to everyone, but behind all these cute things there is a rich, deep inner world. I am very optimistic and always willing to compromise.
I am loving and devoted, and I like helping people. I believe in kindness and always try to find only good in people and I believe that here I will meet a worthy man.
I will be glad that you do not stop, just by reading a few words about me, I hope you will want to get to know me as closely as possible."

Meet Nadejda on VeronikaLove!

5 Online Dating Tips to Help You Find Your Love

Finding a soul mate on VeronikaLove! it will be faster and more pleasant if you follow some of our tips. 1. Make your profile stand out A photo and a cloud of interests are the first things your potential soul mate sees. Therefore, make a profile in good faith. It's not as difficult as it…
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14 Subtle Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

From behavior in quarrels to attention to detail. Recently, the media has been talking more and more about the signs of a toxic relationship - which, of course, is useful and important. A much sweeter thread appeared on Reddit: users asked what actions and gestures show that you have a good and healthy relationship. The…
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