Monthly Archives: February 2018

The 1st of March – World Compliment Day

The 1st of March is a very special day. It is your possibility to become more confident in yourself, and to bring up the mood of the person you appreciate! And this is because on the 1st of March the World Compliment Day is celebrated. Compliments are the integral part of communication. Unfortunately, there are…
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Simple Ways to Show that You Care about Her

In relations, it is really important to show each other that you care no matter how long you are together. It is believed that time kills love. You get used to each other, and somehow move to another level where the habit replaces passion. The majority of people think that the best way to show…
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17th of February – Random Acts of Kindness Day

The world is moved not only by love but also by kindness. This feeling and the wish to do something good and pleasant for other people, to help them and to support them is a strong power that allows our world to keep on going and to live a happy life. And to praise kindness…
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