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31st of May – Day of Blondie

The brightest, most visible, and most light-headed part of humanity has finally found its own long-awaited and well-deserved holiday. Maybe because the rights of blond ladies, as they angrily claim, are unjustly trampled upon literally all over the world, the bright date of May 31 is declared World Blondes Day. According to the official version…
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May 2020 Lady of the Month: Alisa

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Alisa from Kherson, Ukraine: "I do not need a perfect man. In fact, I do not believe someone can be perfect! I believe that when two people love each other, they can overcome any issues though any difficulties! I want my man to be caring, supportive, understanding, romantic and loving, reliable, and with a good sense of humor! When I feel warmth and love from my man, I am giving him ten times more for him in return! I want to build a happy future, brick by brick, step by step, everything takes time! But anything is possible if partners have true feelings, nothing will keep them apart! And sure, I will always give my man positive energy and will make him smile, no reason to cry or give up, because the best will always come! I love being outside, walking a lot near the river. I enjoy beautiful fallen leaves in autumn, and when amazing flowers are waking up in spring! I love reading romances when it is raining outside, and I love swimming in the sea in summer and enjoy the rays of sunlight!"

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How to Attract Lady’s Attention in Online Dating

Many qualities need to be pumped to attract attention and interest. To get started, understand one simple thing: if now you are not able to interest the girls, then you have to change something. Perhaps these changes will not be easy - the result depends on your persistence and level of self-knowledge. We will provide…
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Color of Clothes and Ladies’ Character

It’s almost no secret that the color chosen by a person can say something about his character or mood at this stage of his life. Also, with the help of the colors in clothes, one can “send signals” to others in a certain way, cause a fire to attract oneself, attract attention or, conversely, close…
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