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Color of Clothes and Ladies’ Character

It’s almost no secret that the color chosen by a person can say something about his character or mood at this stage of his life. Also, with the help of the colors in clothes, one can “send signals” to others in a certain way, cause a fire to attract oneself, attract attention or, conversely, close…
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Housewife of Your Dream

Oksana from Vladivostok: "I'm not here for fun and ask you to contact me only if you're interested in serious relationships. I will ask you a lot of questions and please, don't consider me as a stalker.  I'm a really dreamy woman and it means that I love this amazing life and I never stop dreaming and learning new things. I have lots of hopes and desires and I know that with my strong will I'll achieve everything I want. I have been to Hong Kong, Macaо, Egypt, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Dubai. My dream is to visit Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Germany. I would also like to see Japan, the USA, and Singapore. Maybe I'll do it with the special man by my side, so we could create our special memories together."

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Perfect First Date

If a girl agreed to a first date, that means she is already showing interest in you. It is logical that she does not need to waste precious time on a man who is not at all interesting. Therefore, the task of a man is not to spoil the first date. How to overcome the…
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Dating in Spring

When spring comes, we all wish to spend more time outside. And it also means that it is time for more and new dating! here are a few ideas on what you can do with your beloved lady in spring. Fancy food picnic The first thing you want to do with the advent of this…
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