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A Very Athletic Bride Does a Photoshoot For You

Elizaveta from Moscow, Russia: "It is important for me that my man had the same dear heart as mine. I also appreciate the generosity of the soul when a man does not hide his feelings and emotions. I dream of a man for whom I will be the one and only woman. I want to give my man my beauty, my body, my affection, love and care. I want to make a man’s life a fairy tale in which every day will be the happiest."

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Can You Imagine Her As Your Future Wife?

Nadezhda from Barcelona, Spain: "I am looking for man who knows what he wants in this life,knows how important love is and how to treat his woman. I would like if he is loving and tender with me,never hide his feelings.
It's important to move in one direction,don't stop in one place. I would like we help and understand each other and make each other even better."

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How to Improve Your Relations

We know how important to you to improve your relations. Veronikalove matchmaking team is the best in this, so we prepared some advice on how to make them better. 1. Watch your tone. During casual, everyday interactions such as a phone call, sounds interested (i.e. not distracted) and happy to make small talk. During tense…
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How to Make Your Relations Better

Communication is the process of exchanging information, thoughts, and feelings between people through conversation, writing, or body language. Effective communication expands the concept by requiring that the content being communicated be received and understood by someone in the way it was intended. 1. Refrain from criticism. So much communication involves insults and highlighting what someone…
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