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Perfect morning with Zoryana

Zoryana from Rovno: " Please look not only at my face and body .. look deeper inside. I am an artist. I like the art. Music is my air. I adore legends from different countries. I read a lot. I write prose. I believe in fate and reincarnation. Maybe we were familiar earlier in a past life. I just want to be a happy mom and wife) It will make me completely happy. My favorite food: fruits, vegetables, cheese, sweet)"

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Can you believe she is real?

Yana from Kiev: "I am a good psychologist so that I can read people’ opinion about myself from their reactions. If they treat me well and are looking for my presence so that means they need me and it gives me the motivation to help them and to be that part of their life that is really worthy of their time. I am a good listener and find it very wise to listen to what people talk. I am not rusher in my decisions but rather more moderate in my actions especially towards other people. "

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Passion brunette Victoria knows how to pose

Victoria from Horlivka, Ukraine: "I am interested in everything new and I am not afraid of changes. I take a great interest in psychology, music, history, and cultures. I am a very active person. As I always like to teach something new after having got my driving license I am absorbed in my English. Who knows what will be the next step? I am very interested in communicating with different people in different situations and to come to know a new person is a great pleasure for me. I am very interested in my profession as well."

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Inna’s Impressive Photosession

Inna from Zaporozhye: "I am a woman who sadly knows what family violence may be. For me to love means to care for other people, help them and make them happy. I enjoy spending time with my daughter. I like going to the gym, meeting with friends and cooking. Cycling and skiing are among activities to which I like devoting my free time as well."

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