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Cheerful Veronika is looking for a real man…

Veronika from Kyiv: "I like cooking, I like spending time outdoors, I like playing with my kids and reading some fairy tales for them before falling asleep. I believe that everyone will get what he deserves. I am not ideal woman, I have a lot of drawbacks, as everyone I have made some mistakes, but I know for sure that in spite of this I was a good person for whom a lot of things are inadmissible - betrayal, lies, ingratitude, reproaches."

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Pure beauty Zoryana is here

Zoryana from Rivne: "please look not only at my face and body ... look deeper inside. I am an artist ... I live in art. Music is my air. I adore legends from different countries ... I read a lot ... I write prose. For me the perfect date is not in a restaurant but on the roof of the house) or on the river bank) I believe in fate and reincarnation. Maybe we were familiar earlier in a past life? I just want to be a happy mom and wife) It will make me completely happy."

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Do you like her shape?

Elena from Nikolaev: "I am looking for my husband. It has to be a loving man who intends to start a serious relationship and will be good support for me in the future. I appreciate a man whom I can rely on, share the joys of everyday life with him and give support when things are not going so well. He should be older than me, that means he is wiser..."

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Feel Her Summer Passion

Vladislava from Odesa, Ukraine: "I am so feminine and sensible person. I believe in good attitude to the world and all the things around. Never be bored and negative - is my motto. Nothing can prevent us from being happy. Do you agree with me? I am gentle, kind and very energetic. Every day is a new world for me. I know what I want from it and know how to get it. See the aim and reach it - it is about me.
I like the whole world. My favorite hobby is fitness. Keeping fir and being beautiful for my future man is very important for me. As I live in the city by the sea, of course, I like bathing and getting a tan. What can be better off lying on the warm sand and enjoying the sound of the waves?) Also my favorite thing to do is watch movies. Going to the theater and cinemas I like a lot."

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