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Are you ready to spend this summer with Ilona?

Ilona from Kyiv, Ukraine: "Speaking about my interests I need to say that I cannot imagine my life without sport. It brings me a lot of positive emotions! I work as a trainer and I like my work very much. I like the outdoors, meetings with friends, music, reading, dancing, and cooking. I am interested in art and design. I am looking for a serious relationship here. I believe that friendship is a good base for a relationship. I miss a positive, kind, romantic, faithful, honest and caring man next to me. It is very important for me to have a similar outlook with my loving man and to share the same values."

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Let Alyona show her passion

Alyona from Nikolaev: "I always knew that I am different from other girls... The reason is in my heightened sensuality. I feel everything very brightly, I let it go through me... People say that I have a huge caring heart and a huge potential of love and tenderness. I think my energy, my hunger for you will necessarily influence our acquaintance and we will notice each other! And we can say to each other: "How long have I been looking for you and how wonderful that we met?"

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How do you feel about long hair?

Irina from Kyiv: "I find myself a very simple person. I love what most people like. I like it when it's warm and sunny, I like it when the people around me are in a good mood and I myself always try to elevate their mood. I like it when there is a lot of delicious food in the fridge, but at the same time, I try to watch my figure and not to run myself. I have weaknesses and one of them is sweet. I can live without expensive things and extra comfortable conditions, but in general, I strive to surround myself with comfort and a warm atmosphere, with family, kind and loving people. I am a simple girl, but I need a good relationship with people and a good man I want to find on this dating site. I think I ask not so much."

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Elena likes berries, chocolate, and…serious men

Elena from Ukraine: "I can describe myself as a trustful, emotional, calm, serious, tidy, purposeful, friendly, sincere, thrifty, sexy, patient, persistent, sacrificial, responsible, accurate and honest. I have a lot of friends who say that I am a communicative, modest, sensitive, sentimental, calm, democratic, reasonable, romantic woman."

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