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Lady of the Week: Anna

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Anna from Poltava, Ukraine: "I dream of a special man. Not the best one for everybody but the best for me. I want him to be smart, intelligent and talented. I want him to support me in my creativity and it would be nice that he is also a creative person . Maybe a musician. A man who is attentive, serious, versatile and able to make me happy as I can make him happy too. My friends say I’m a very easy-going person, very social, active and optimistic. I can be different in some situations. Sometimes I’m shy, sometimes I’m too active. Also I have philosophical thoughts and want to dream a bit. My favorite season is winter. But I want to feel warmth and care of my close people. I like good food and beautiful flowers such as roses and gladioluses. I always find positive moment in some sad situation. And try to stay optimistic in life."

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Lady of the Week: Ekaterina

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Ekaterina from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine: "Of course for you! I am here to meet you, not only virtually but in the real life. I am now just a beautiful doll with a lot of love in my heart that i want to give to you!) Do you want to get closer to me? This is not easy! I will not bite you! LOL)) I am easy going and open, I am here for relations, not for games, and if you are serious, then we can become great match! Do you want it? Just imagine with me you will get passion to our home, most ymmy dishes, great fun and love for every day and every moment of your life! Are you ready?"

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💋Charming Young Slavic Bride🔥❤️

Tatiana from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine: "Hello dear, thank you for your attention, my name is Tatiana, or you may call me Tania. I am easy-going lady, kind, communicative and open person. I am inquisitive, I like to learn and find new things and feelings. In my free time, I like to read books, watch documental or scientific programs. Also, I have a good hobby, I like pole dance, I like stretching and sports. I am flexible and I think it is a nice advantage. I am getting pleasure from hard working day on fitness or pole dance lesson. I think it is nice to feel and see results. I am doing my best to look good, hope you like. I am working on myself, on my body and mind. What about ways of relaxing that I like, it is singing, I like karaoke, hot bath or spa or sauna. I do not like noisy places, but I enjoy visiting live concerts. I like different music, I have a friendly family, I have a sister, please do not mix us lol If you want to know more, please you are free to ask me anything."

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💋Breathtaking Girl Looking for Love🍹❤️💋

Kristina from Mykolaiv, Ukraine: "I’m looking for a nice man, who is honest and sincere. Who is kind and understanding, with good sense of humor. Who is strong, caring and mature enough to make serious steps in life. Who doesn’t play games and who dreams about real, wonderful family based on love and respect. I'm not looking for a prince on a white horse. I need a real person with real feelings. The one with whom we will have the same dream for the future, whom we will struggle together to make this dream true."

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