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September 2016 Lady of the Month: Victoria

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Young beauty Victoria from Mariupol say that she need her heart to be full of LOVE. She want her second half have a good sense of humor, because she like to laugh and joke. Victoria is a very active woman who are still single and want to create her destiny by my own hands! Ask her more in chat or letter on

What a woman’s shoes can tell about her

You can find thousand books about woman’s shoes. Some girls ready to hunt over one fabulous pare of red shoes. Some girl buying everything just to keep it in closet. Anyways, shopping is the big happiness for their hearts! Pair of shoes can say a lot about its owner. So, here is a test. You…
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Miss August is looking for the purposeful and hard-working man

The last month of the summer is already in the past and we know the results of the contest Miss August 2011. This time the votes of men were really active for different girls, but the title of Miss August won Yana from Krivoy Rog (ID of the profile 103626). This lady is really magical.…
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