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Sport Brings People Together

In cold times, when winter almost comes to its rights, people tend to leave their homes less and become even lazier. This leads to a less active lifestyle, and as a result, may start gaining weight. We may laugh that we are like bears that are ready to sleep all winter long, but still, we…
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5th of February – World Nutella Day

In the list of the most popular sweets, Nutella obtains a very high position. Everyone in the world knows this chocolate and hazelnut spread, and everyone tried at least once to eat it with a spoon rather than put on some bread, as it is simply impossible to help trying it. On the 5th of…
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3rd of August – National Watermelon Day

There are so many different holidays, commemorating various occasions and things. And on the 3rd of August, in the USA, people are celebrating the day of the watermelon! No one knows when or how this holiday actually was created, but the fact is here: Americans like to have a great time and spend in funny…
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