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September 2017 Lady of the Month: Elena

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Elena: "I am looking for my husband. It has to be a loving man who intends to start serious relationship and will be a good support for me in future. I appreciate a man whom I can rely on, share the joys of everyday life with him and give support when things are not going so well. He should be older than me, that means he is wiser..."

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19th of August – World Photography Day

People create millions of photos every day. It is even hard to believe nowadays that there used to be times when we couldn't have imprinted some significant and beautiful moments. Photography is also called a real art and there are lots of people competing in creation of the most astonishing and significant photos that would…
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White philosophy: a white button-down shirt – Simple but Elegant

“Career” of a plain white button-down shirt can be considered the most successful one in the fashion industry: it has come all the way from being an undergarment to a formal wear. And designers keep on creating new and new fashions and looks based on a plain white shirt. UniSEX Forever A white shirt has…
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What hair makes the celebrities look hotter: Blonde or Brunette?

When you are a Hollywood star, you are concerned about your stylish appearance much. And among the most difficult and important decisions is which hair color to choose so that it would emphasize their individuality. Like all of us, they like experimenting with the hair color and hairdo style. Some of them are constantly changing…
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