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How to maintain a relationship at a distance?

Long-distance relationships can be a real test of strength: since men on the VeronikaLove website meet beautiful brides from other countries, partners sometimes lack not only physical, but also emotional intimacy. Together we find out how not to move away from each other and maintain love, as well as what signals indicate separation. Why is…
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🍹Hot As Summer Penelope💋💘

Penelope from Valencia, Spain: "For me, a man is a strong, wise and gentle person who will never offend or betray. The most important thing for me is the soul and only it is able to love and give light, warmth and love. I appreciate every moment of life and believe that this life is given to us in order to realize all our desires and take everything from life. To do this, I need love, I need a man who will understand and protect me, who can share this life with me and fill our every new day with happiness."

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6 things you need to pay attention to at the beginning of a relationship

At the first communication with girls on the VeronikaLove and at the beginning of a relationship, the feeling of falling in love overshadows all the shortcomings of your partner, preventing you from objectively assessing your future together and noticing warning signs. It is difficult to maintain clarity of thinking, which can lead to painful disappointments…
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