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7 reasons why relationship work is overrated

This idea leads us into many avoidable traps. The phrase “relationships need to be worked on” is used so often that it is perceived as an axiom that requires neither proof nor explanation. Meanwhile, this advice leaves such scope for fantasies and interpretations that it may not help, but turn life into torture. 1. Not…
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How to become a partner with whom it is good. One exercise.

Worrying thoughts are poisonous. They spoil the mood and the one who is worried, and the one to whom these thoughts are dedicated. Do you want to become a person with whom your partner will feel calmer, more confident? An exercise. Practicing the dance of intimacy This exercise is designed to help you better understand…
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Why you care about your partner’s past and how to stop thinking about it

Sometimes jokes about exes turn into nightmares. An increased interest in a partner's past romantic and sexual life is called retrospective or retroactive jealousy. Often it has no good reason, but it poses a serious threat to the relationship. At first, you just feel uncomfortable at the thought of your crush's former lovers. Then you…
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🔥Sweetie Bride Makes Content For You🍭💋

Viktoria from Odessa, Ukraine: "About myself, I can say that I am a very bright and cheerful girl, however, I am a man of my word and very responsible.
For me, harmony with myself is very important and I strive for this very much. I am a girl who is not afraid to express herself, I am not afraid to be bright.
I am very demanding of myself, but very kind to other people.
I am pleased to realize that at my age I am self-fulfilled and take a serious approach to the issue of creating a family."

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