Monogamy is back in fashion

After decades era of divorce, monogamy is now back in trend. True, this time without devalued stereotypes like family values ​​and eternal love, but under the auspices of partnership.

Monogamy in the 21st century is, first of all, profitable, and only then, everything else. Man is a partner to man. This is how a well-known ancient saying can sound in a modern way.

Not the love of my life, not "Mr. Big", not a prince on a white horse, but just a "partner". The one with whom it is convenient to spend time. It is convenient to rent an apartment. Convenient to travel. It's good to meet friends. Watch TV series, discuss work, order food in a restaurant, go shopping, play sports.

Life partner. Cohabitant of my own life.

Such requests are now in relation to their chosen one or chosen one. Next to you should be someone who will move with you in the same rhythm. Go towards those impressions and emotions that you would like to experience. Supplement and develop them.

A snowboard trip during the New Year holidays or to Europe "through museums". Get in the car and go on a vacation somewhere on a road trip. Plan music concerts and festivals for the year ahead. Train together all year to run the half marathon in Berlin. To save money and move to live in the center in order to be in the thick of things more often.

This is little of what makes two modern people be inseparable. Convenience, "comfort zone", common interests and aspirations - this is impossible to refuse. Why someone else when all the most important things are already at hand?

Where is the romance, you ask? Where are the feelings? Marriage, kids? All here. Inside. Conveniently packaged and tied with a pretty ribbon. Nothing went anywhere. It's just that it's no longer "the most important". No one "lays down his life" on the altar of love and "spends all of himself" in raising a child. These are all pathetic relics of the past. Now love, marriage, children are just one of the options. You want to choose. Want not. In any case, no big problem.

You can live a happy life without children and without marriage, or, on the contrary, you can immediately activate this option and gain emotions within a large family. Travel not alone, but three together with a child. Weekend in the park? Easy and so and so. The question is in the personal "comfort zone". Someone can let marriage and children into it, while someone is content with something less involved. The main thing is that you feel comfortable. Otherwise, why all this?

There are so many interesting things in the world around now. Planes take you anywhere in the world in just half a day. Megacities beckon with modern impressions. Multiculturalism. Openness. Consumer Diversity. All this stimulates a person to live a life in the center of which the main goal is to receive emotions and experiences. To try as much as possible is the main task.

And all these "grow old together", "live to see grandchildren", "live life hand in hand" - it's too boring and uninteresting. Nobody wants to think about old age, pensions, golden weddings. Now there is a generation of "forever young". For them, every day is a challenge. Every year is a new experience. Nobody thinks in terms of withering and aging. Everyone goes only forward, collecting the maximum amount of emotions on the way to a known result.

And in this context, monogamy, as a convenient partnership, is the best option. The most practical and pragmatic.

Here you have to be honest, some of this, indeed, is gone forever, but for the most part, feelings just transformed. And the reason for this was the first two lines in this text. There were already heavy constructions in the form of family values ​​and romanticized eternal love. But it didn't work. The man was tired of playing the holy martyr and he admitted to himself that he was weak and sinful. He admitted that he wants more than what the covenants of religions and the laws of society dictate to him. He wants to have the right to choose and the right to make mistakes.

It's just a new level of responsibility. Instead of heavy and oppressive "once and for all", even more serious and deep "choice for every day". There is no longer a chance to reconcile and complain about obligations. Here all the responsibility every day lies only with you. You have decided that you are fine with this person. No obligation to marriage, no obligation to children. But only you and your desires.

And it seems to be working. Modern couples, no matter if they got together in their 20s or 40s, these are very strong unions. They enjoy being together and appreciate every day spent with each other. Modern conveniences liberate the senses and keep relationships from drowning in everyday life. Everything is at hand. Everything is convenient. We can focus on each other and explore this big interesting world together.

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