Why love is not enough or what do women want from men?

Have you noticed how many books are written about relationship between men and women? The answer is lots and it means that so many of us feel confused or unable to be in a healthy long term relationship and we are turning to these books hoping they will give us a recipe for a successful relationship. But if you are in love with someone and the love is mutual, shouldn’t this mean that you will live happily ever after, create family and raise children together? It should but it is not happening this way... Just think how many people you know that were madly in love and intended to be together forever but ended up breaking up or divorcing. So why love is not enough for a happy long lasting relationship? The answer might be very simple - we do not understand what our partner wants from us in the relationship. Men and women are very different in the ways of communicating and expressing their feelings, so it can be difficult sometimes to understand what your partner wants. Even Sigmund Freud, the master of modern psychology, spent all his life trying to figure out women.  It isn't easy but we hope this article will help you in understanding a mysterious woman’s soul.

So, what do women want?

Women want a man who makes her feel like she is the only one. For example, he opens the door for her, he carries heavy bags, he helps her shop, if she is cold - offers her his jacket, if she is in trouble - protects her. If there is danger, puts his arm around her. In other words women want you a real man - a true GENTLEMAN!

Women want men to treat them like they are the sexiest woman on the planet and that no other woman compares. Talking about your ex-girlfriends is not going to score big points with your new woman. Treating her like she's the ONLY one will make her smile for quite a while.

Women want a man with a sense of humor. A woman will almost always love a man who can make her laugh.

Women want loyal men. Women want to know you will be faithful. So avoid telling a woman how you cheated on your ex. It won't make her think you are wise, loyal, or trustworthy.

Women want a man to listen to them and not give advice. Women want men to listen to them, because they have a need to be heard. And, women want their man to express his feelings and trust her with his intimate side. Real listening, with real intimacy, is rare. Real listening is suspending thinking about what to say and being deeply engaged in what she is talking about.

Women LOVE a man with a plan. Women love men with ambition. Men who know who they are, what we're doing tonight, and what we're doing with our life.

Women want generous men. Small gifts, especially gifts that show you were listening when she mentioned her favorite candy bar, or when she stopped at that jewelry counter to admire those earrings (but put them back without buying them), or how she commented on how she'd just love that dress in the window of that clothing store. Well, use your own imagination; it does not have to be expensive gifts but something that shows her that you've paid attention to what she wants.

Women want to be loved and need to be satisfied mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as much as physically. Unconditional love would be ideal love. Women want men to be their lover instead of obsessing over their body to just get sex. Rather than treat women as sex objects, treat them as someone to relate with; in other words, a real person!

Women want men who offer a sense of security, to know that her partner will be there if she becomes sick or goes through hard times. Giving a woman security is being there through emotional and physical support. An example might be if she has to have surgery. Take the day off and be there for her, hold her hand, and give your full support to her.

Be a true friend. LISTEN TO HER. Let her share her good times and problems with you. Be there, rather than just promising to be there. How do you show you are a friend? Are you there when it matters most? Are you there for the small stuff, too? Consistent committed positive action is a definition of love.

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