Love and harmony as a basis of happiness

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved — loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. “

Victor Hugo


A research has been recently held in Russia about men’s perception of modern women. As a result, it turns out that while men spend all life trying to understand a woman, our wishes and desires nevertheless remain unknown and unpredictable for the men. Men still do not know what we want and what makes us , women , happy! When i told about this research to my girlfriend, she agreed that women are always a mystery for a man and our desires as well. If only men knew how to make a woman happy than they surely did it at the very first date and enjoy the happiest time with us. Because what can be better that being with a happy women and realizing that YOU are the one that makes her happy. A happy woman by man’s side makes his life wonderful and exciting. So how can a man make a woman happy?It often takes just a simple word, or simple act to make a woman happy but it should be THE right word, the right act. Instead many men shower their women with gifts or money. Used to the idea that “diamonds are girl’s best friends” they forget that money cannot buy you love. We can’t argue about the fact that all women love gifts. Being a very romantic creature a woman finds any gift from a small one to something expensive to be very romantic and exciting, but it is the attention and care which you invested in choosing the gift that we really appreciate. And no gift in itself can replace true feeling of love that any woman is looking for experiencing the most.

Yes, in reality all we want and need to feel happy is TO FEEL LOVED – to feel care and support of the man we love. Now the question is how to make it clear to your man that love is what you really want? Rather often the problem is not that our man cannot understand us but we cannot understand ourselves. What do we really want and if it is love than why are we demanding respect and equality from others. If love is what makes us happy than we need to concentrate on giving it to others and it will surely come back to us. The famous saying about treating others the way you want to be treated yourself means that if love is what you want, you will definitely have it and feel loved if you love people around you. If the man you love feels loved by you, he will want to see you happy and will give you all his love, care and support that you are so much longing for. Russian and Ukrainian women are famous for being the most feminine women of all and like no other women they want to be LOVED. This is their main desire, their lifelong dream, that one and only dream that Russian men unfortunately are not always able to understand. And maybe that is one of the reasons why there are so many Russian and Ukrainian women searching for love abroad.

But ladies, please remember that to be able to feel your man’s care and love; you need first of all to be in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Harmonize your life, trust me, it is never too late to do it and then all your dreams will come true and love and happiness will come to you before you even know it! So while we are in the search of love, use your time wisely and bring harmony into your life.

And here is several ways that help you harmonize your life and energize yourself

  1. Spend more time outdoors. The spring is in the air and you have to enjoy it. Try walking or cycling or just go out in the nature for picnic. In a crowded city with lots of traffic and work issues it is hard to relax and be stress free. So enjoying some time out in the country with friends or alone, this will allow you to bring some peace into your hectic lifestyle.

  2. Try aqua aerobics, it is always fun and you can enjoy it while water fills your body up with lots of energy and your soul with harmony. You can go to a local swimming pool or at the seaside if there is one nearby. Aqua aerobics and swimming is a nice way to keep you fit and healthy. Besides what can be better in summer than feeling the cool sea breeze and warm sunrays on your skin?

  3. Use Natural cosmetics and organic foods; they can keep you closer to nature and give you the radiant healthy look of a happy person.

  4. Remind yourself every morning that you are very irresistible and that you deserve attention, care and love.

If you harmonize your own life, if you learn to love yourself and to love people around you, you will be destined to experience love and though like a true woman you will remain a mystery for your man, he will know the way to make you happy because with you he will be the happiest man in the world!

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