Married men are healthier and happier than bachelors!

Solitude is becoming a trouble in many civilized countries. It's harmful not only for the social status of men and women but also for their health, as shows the study of the British sociologists. Would you like to know why married men are healthier and happier than bachelores? Then read below!

The quantity of the single grown-ups in Great Britain has trebled during the last 30 years: today there are 16,5 million of single males and 1,27 single females at the age of 30-39. It makes almost 5% of the country population. And if we take the period when the people marry more often— it happens at the age of 25-44— the number of single men is twice bigger than a number of single women! The artists were among the first among those who felt this trend. The story of Bridget Jones hasn't accidentally become both the book and movie bestseller around the whole world!

The scientists from the Edinburgh university and the Family Research center decided to find out, whose life is more prosperous, cheerful and free in Britain. The research lasted 2 years and included the data base consisting of 140 men and women at the age from 25 till 44, both married and single. Researchers tried to find out their living, welfare standard and their psychological feeling.

And they came to the unique solution:

Men are NOT able to be absolutely pleased with their life if they don't have the family! And fascinating women who are sharing with them their lives with all the joys and hardships are just the GIFT of the fate!

The bachelors feel the lack of money much more often than single women! Except for that health troubles, the feeling of loneliness, depression and nervous breakdown are also often best friends of the single males.

Moreover, the salary level among bachelors is much more lower than among their lonely female peers.

“Surely, single people devote more time to their job and career prospects than married, but eat worse and on the whole lead less healthy way of life,”— made a conclusion the head of the project, professor Lene Jameson and her colleagues. But the most exciting discovery has been made about the connection between family and financial position is seen more vividly among men, than among women.

The commentaries about this investigation on the official BBC site are also worth of reading:

Male bachelores praise to the skies all the delights of the single way of life and in most cases that testifies their inferiority complexes, love to freedom and inability to find a common language with the wives. Women discuss this topic more warily and are not against of the marriage on the whole. They seem to be more mild, devoted and compliant by nature and know hoe to make their men's lives happier.

And now let's have a look at some vivid merits of having a wife:

-The wife will take care about the household, about your health and will cook a delightful meal!

-You look more prosperous and successful, going hand by hand with a stylish and charming wife!

-A piece of miracle is always beside you!

-The wife knows your sexual preferences and can please you in bed better than anyone!

-The fascinating look of you wife, which you choose based on your own taste, will cheer you up every day!

-And eventually a woman can give a birth to your child, your offspring and successor!

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