How to avoid making mistakes in a relationship with a Russian girl

Have you ever noticed that lots of mistakes we make while actually trying to prevent them? As soon as you feel unhappy in your relationship you turn to self-help books and magazines that tell you”10 ways to tempt a guy” or “5 easy ways to make her fall in love with you” and you trust them more than your own heart and feelings. Are you one of those men that do it? If you are, then this article is for you.

If you are turning to self-help books for advice, and intend to follow the advice they offer, please, consider that Russian ladies are different than American ones. After all, you are searching for a wife here, not back in your country, so this means Russian girls are special and need a different approach in a relationship. We hope the following reminders will help you to avoid mistakes in a relationship with a Russian girl.

1) Remember that love is not a science and there are no axioms in it. There are no rules you HAVE to follow and your relationship is only yours and the development of it is up to you. Follow your heart it will always guide you through the darkest tunnels of your relationship

2) Be yourself! Do not be ashamed of who you are. Fairy-tales about wealth attract only money-hunters and you do not want to be loved for money but for who you are, right? So be yourself and never lie or exaggerate, truth will eventually come out and you will end up looking at the very least stupid….or with some Russian women even the smallest lie on your part can cause her to break up with you.

3) Flirting with others while you are in a relationship is not a good way to make your relationship work though it is a good way to make her jealous of you. But keep in mind that Jealousy is a destructive feeling that breaks trust and lack of trust will lead to a relationship break up sooner or later.

4) Share your feelings! Whether you are overwhelmed with love, or feeling completely down, make sure you let her know what you feel. Expressing feelings can be hard for some men but the closer your relationship gets the easier it will be. After all, communication is very important in any relationship and especially if you come from different cultures.

5) Remember to remind her how much she means to you. You know this popular saying about health:”An apple a day keeps a doctor away”, so even just one loving word a day to your beloved can keep your relationship healthy and happy. Women all over the world like compliments and caring words, but Russian girls being more feminine than Western women simply can’t live without compliments.

If you are in love with a Russian girl, in a relationship or have just started your search for a Slavic soul mate, the above mentioned things are what you have to consider because they will help you to avoid mistakes and keep passion always present in your relationship!! Good luck!!

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